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  • Certified Clinical CoderHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarWithin the Mission, Vision and Values of HMC and the Department of the Corporation the incumbent is responsible to achieve the corporation’s targets for standards of accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of clinically coded data. The incumbent is also responsible for developing coder-clinician interaction and should demonstrate a high standard of clinical coding activity, to ensure that both clinicians and managers maintain a high level of confidence in the quality of the data.Read MoreApply Now
  • Charge NurseHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarAssists in managing the patient care unit for administrative and clinical aspects to include organizing, developing, directing and assuring the delivery of cost – effective, quality patient care. Assists in the process, which ensures that patient care is delivered in accordance with established corporate wide policies and procedures and Nursing standards, and the hospital’s code of ethics. Provides education to staff based on theoretical and clinical expertise. This position will be accountable to ensure clinical resource and continuity of patient care during her/his duty hours. Charge Nurses are responsible to a Head Nurse and assist in the management of a defined area of organized nursing services. Charge Nurses allocate available resources to promote efficient, effective, and compassionate nursing care, provide input into executive – level decisions, and keep staff informed of executive – level activities. Read MoreApply Now
  • Chief Technologist - AnesthesiaHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Anesthesia Chief Technologist is responsible for all Anesthesia technical issues within the anesthesia unit, and assumes all the duties requested by their superior at any time and at any facility of the Department of Anesthesiolgy.Read MoreApply Now
  • Child Life SpecialistHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarAssesses the developmental level, and the psycho-social and emotional responses of the child to the illness and treatment process. Develops and implements a plan of care to promote optimum development and maintain normalized living patterns and experiences. Provides a variety of goal directed play programs and opportunities for gaining a senses of mastery, self expression, learning, family involvement and peer interaction, in both the inpatient and the ambulatory setting. Works collaboratively as a member of the health care team. Supports the academic health sciences centre by providing/sharing knowledge with families, the public and other professionals internal and external to the Hospital for Sick Children. Strives to provide evidence-based care by integrating research with practice. Maintains a commitment to lifelong learning and creates, utilizes and/or disseminates new knowledge to others.Read MoreApply Now
  • Clinical Dietetic CoordinatorHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarSupervising food/enteral feed issuing as per the prescribed diet order initiated by physiciansRead MoreApply Now
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