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Chair, Oncology Center

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center - Riyadh
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Directs and coordinates all cancer related activities at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center to ensure that they meet the highest international standards

  • Studied and reports on national and international developments, initiatives and policies that may impact on the Cancer Center and recommends appropriate action as needed.  

  • Collaborates with staff in planning programs integrating the preventative, curative and palliative aspects of total patient care.

  • Formulates and recommends to the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, MCO, all administrative polices and regulations for the purpose of achieving the goals and objectives of the Center

  • Performs all administrative functions at the Center level as established by the MCO, COO, the Deputy Counsel and Supervisor of Executive Management and Counsel and Supervisor of Executive Management

  • Supports continuous Quality Improvement. Develops and promotes appropriate standards of care

  • Directs and monitors the delivery of health care within the center. Assures the development and implementation of effective peer review within the center. Assures appropriate remedial action is taken when needed

  • Supports active continuing Medical Education programs within the Center. Supports conventions, meetings or symposia to further knowledge on the concept of cancer prevention, early detection and palliation.

  • Works closely with Department Chairman and Heads of Services in developing policies and procedures to promote quality health care

    Chairs and serves in committees or task forces when assigned. Co-chairs the Cancer Committee

  • Assumes the overall authority of all staff of the King Faisal Cancer Center, with matrix administrative authority over related services

    Recommend the candidate for the position of the Deputy Director for the King Faisal Cancer Center

  • Directs interdisciplinary delivery of patient care. Assures appropriate remedial action is taken when needed

  • Promotes cooperation and participation among hospital departments, Nursing Affairs, Clinical Services and Patient Affairs and other allied services working within the Centre.

  • Implements recruitment, credentialing and evaluation of medical staff in the Centre, and staff in departments with matrix administrative responsibility as recommended by the Section heads and Deputy Director

  • Ensures that the Budget is spent to best serve the interest of the institution and its mission

  • Develops accreditation process for specialized cancer units in other hospitals as needed

  • Ensures continuous international presence of the King Faisal Cancer Center in international gathering

  • Enhances collaboration with the World Health Organization, specialized agencies, governmental health organizations, scientific and professional groups and such other organizations which contribute to advancement of cancer care at local and international levels

  • Ensures the development and implementation of strategic plans, including budget and fund raising campaigns, and new programs of the Center

  • Develops and arranges scientific partnerships with similar cancer institutions both locally and internationally

  • Directs the activities related to Community Health and Prevention

  • Monitors global trends in Cancer Clinical practice, teaching and research and represents the Center in the local and international arena

  • Participates in self and other’s education, training and development, as applicable

  • Implements decisions taken by the Cancer Committee, the Medical Advisory Council, the COO and Deputy COO for MCO, the Deputy Counsel and Supervisor of Executive Management and the Counsel and Supervisor of Executive Management (Chief Executive Director)

  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures

  • Performs any other related duties, as assigned

Education Required:

  • Graduation from an accredited medical school and completion of required period of training, specialty and sub-specialty with American Board certification & membership or fellowship status in United Kingdom or Canada, or equivalent. Sub-specialty training and certification are required.

Experience Required:

  • Academic and Teaching Background/Experience is essential.  Academic Appointment in a reputable university is preferable.

  • Post training (residency and fellowship, if applicable, i.e. after board certification or equivalent); independent clinical experience should be at least (10) years.

  • Administrative Experience as Chairman/Deputy Chairman/Head of Section/Head of Medical Service or similar position should be a minimum of (5) years.

  • Research Experience and publications must be original articles in peer-reviewed journals (cited in index medicus, etc). The number of publications will depend on the specialty and the committee’s discretion  (minimum of 10 original papers).

Special Skills Required:

  • Communicates with excellence

  • Builds relationships and partnerships

  • Develops and executes strategic, financial and operational plans

  • Results-oriented

  • Strongly academic-minded

  • Values-based and empowering style of leadership.


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