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Once read recruitment as a career is the epitome of the phrase “trying to find a needle in a haystack. Though they listed some reasons, and were referring at the time to local hires, it is still very much true when it comes to recruiting medical personnel to the Arabian Gulf Region. Imagine trying to find that qualified physician, nurse or allied health personnel in the global market “haystack” who wish to move to Saudi Arabia, UAE or Qatar. As recruiters, we can do with all the help that we can get to meet hospitals' requirements. Recently, many in the recruitment industry have enlisted Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool, for this purpose.

So, what is AI and what aspect of this tool may suit our type of recruitment and what may not? One thing for sure, AI is still too far from taking over our jobs. Remember a certain App when they first came out? They claimed, they “will put all recruiters out of business”! 

I think, the most complete definition to AI is what Vishal Maini from DeepMind wrote:

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AI Suitable:

  1. Artificial Assistant (AA) powered by AI. There are many of them out there now. Make sure you do your home work and research properly before making a final decision which one you want to invest in. AA can save your time and help with the process. They can be trusted with making appointments with candidates for an interview (simple task) to provide more complex tasks like provide updates to candidates or  keep track of application ad etc.
  2. Chatbots (powered by AI). These are now used in so many applications. Currently, most of them is a combination of machine and human (Augmented collaboration) work. Also, their purpose vary as can use to just collect candidate’s contact information so a recruiter can contact later on or provide an initial screen to candidates. You can also use to provide candidates with basic information. It can act like a Q&A, with more complex tasks and faster results. Usually, the machine starts by welcoming you and ask basic information to contact the right recruiter (a Human), whom can take over and continue the conversation. Chatbots can also be used internally as an assistant to staff to provide information needed fast. Imagine, while speaking to a candidate you need a certain figure or a statistics to address a question asked during a chat with a candidate. Or, candidate asked about equipment used by certain department, Imagine, it is like All Information you need in one spot. 
  3. Writing Perfect Adverts (Powered by AI). This may help in making your advert stands out. There are software (powered by AI) to take your Ad and make it "politically correct" to avoid offending anybody as well as, make it sound attractive to candidates.  Something, we can enlist in our toolbox.

AI Not Suitable: 

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