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Recruiting medical Personnel to Hospitals in the Arabian Gulf Region, is unlike any other type of recruitment. Hence, technology that may work for certain candidates’ screening may not work here. Investing the time, efforts and resources in the right technology is crucial to your success. Here are the type of technology, that we were not able to use:

1. Reading and interpreting CV’s technology (Powered by AI). Though, some industries were able to use AI to teach the system which candidate is a strong candidate and matches the requirements, the algorithm is still not advanced enough to read a physician’s CV. Many of the algorithm depends on counting the number of needed skills in the CV, mentioning GI several times in a physician’s CV does not mean he/she is the right candidate… After all..  “AI is as smart as the data it is fed”.

2. Identifying candidates (Powered by AI). Since using AI to find the right candidate requires to learn the habits and needs of the recruiter, the possibility of learning same discrimination is highly possible.  

3. Resume Parsing Technology (powered by AI). A software used to extract information from CV’s and enter in database. This proved to be useable for straight forward CV’s when a candidate has one or two qualifications, but when it came to medical staff with titles and 4-5 qualifications and training programs, this technology was not able to keep up.

4. AI to find “passive job seekers”. For a clinician to move half way across the world, it takes a lot of thinking, consideration and legwork. Some AI promises to search for candidates meeting criteria and contacting them. Though, this might work if offering a job across the street or in same city, it is unlikely to work for overseas jobs.

AI Suggestions: 3 of 3 in our next blog

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