Canadian International Health Education Association (CIHEA)

On behalf of our friends at the Canadian International Health Education Association (CIHEA) I would like to invite our readers to consider participating in a forthcoming healthcare education trade mission to Turkey, the UAE, Oman and Qatar between November 14 and 21 2019.


CIHEA is a partnership of Canadian health professionals, educational institutions, national associations and businesses that have come together to provide support and assistance to international organizations looking to strengthen their workforce using Canadian standards and practices. With a history of excellence in health care systems development, CIHEA offers innovative solutions to solve global workforce needs. 


The mission is set to commence in Turkey, then off to the Gulf, and is being planned in cooperation with the Canada-Arab Business Council and the Canada-Turkey Business Council. The schedule of events is as follows: Istanbul (November 14 & 15), Abu Dhabi (November 17 & 18), Dubai (November 18 (evening reception) & 19), Muscat (November 20) and Doha (November 21). The purpose will be to further deepen and expand our ties with those organizations responsible for the planning, regulation, training and education of health professionals. This includes, but is not limited to: universities, colleges, commissions, government ministries (education and health care) and the private sector.


We would be honored if you would consider joining the CIHEA delegates. Should you wish to participate please contact CIHEA via email at for more information or visit our website:


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