IHR Visits RSNA 2014!

International Hospitals Recruitment (IHR) is proud to have visited the Radiological Society of North America Convention for the second year in a row to witness its 100 years in business celebration.
The RSNA brings about thousands of people from around the globe including Radiology Physicians and Technologists, Service Team Technicians, equipment brand representatives as well as prospective clients and buyers. During our visit, we have seen a few familiar faces but have also enjoyed meeting new people with whom we have had interesting and engaging discussions. Throughout the week we observed the ever changing field of Radiology through many examples of "technological miracles". Without a doubt, a big part of the vision for the future of healthcare lies in its technological advancements and well trained and educated healthcare personnel.
We were happy to spread the world about IHR and career opportunities in the Middle East to those in attendance, including physicians from two such different countries as Brazil and Germany. Many were fascinated with the idea of working and living in the Gulf and were curious to learn more about its expanding healthcare system. The convention provided for an opportunity for like-minded professionals to discuss both the changes and improvements within the healthcare system as well as its limitations. 
IHR takes pride in keeping its staff educated with regard to the global changes in the healthcare industry, including being present at such events.
Upcoming events:
- Society of Critical Care Medicine | SCCM January 2015 alongside King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

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