International Schools in Saudi Arabia

There are over 40 private, international schools operating in English, French, or German and following an international curriculum (British / American most commonly) in Riyadh alone. They cater to both the large diplomatic community, and the children of expat employees of various companies and businesses.

Physicians with jobs in Saudi Arabia usually have included in their contract package under benefits, an education allowance for their children. For your interest and guidance, here is a quick profile of the top 5 most popular schools in Riyadh:

British International School Riyadh (also has campus in Jeddah)

  • Started in September 1979, with the support of the British and Dutch Embassies in Saudi Arabia
  • Follows the national curriculum for England to the end of Year 9, GCSE courses in Years 10 - 11, A levels courses in Years 12 - 13
  • 55 nationalities attending the school
  • 7 hectare site with facilities for both primary and senior sections
  • Shared facilities include a school assembly hall, artificial grass playing field and running track, swimming pool, large sports hall, two gymnasiums and eight information and communication technology suites
  • Accredited by Council of International Schools (CIS)

Multinational School Riyadh

  • Opened in September 1998 in response to a growing need for high quality private international education in Riyadh
  • Follows the Australian curriculum with AusVELS for Years 6 - 8, IGCSE for Years 9 - 10 and A Levels examinations for Years 11 - 12 
  • Vibrant and diverse community of over 1600 students and nearly 400 staff from over 80 different countries
  • Facilities include covered football pitch, eight outdoor play areas (5 with playground equipment), indoor aquatic center with two pools, 1 indoor gymnasium, six IT Suites and two libraries

American International School Riyadh (also has campus in Jeddah)

  • Established since 1963, accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools
  • Follows American national curriculum standards such as the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
  • 99+% of graduates attend a 4 year university/college program mainly in USA, Canada or UK
  • Offers International Baccalaureate (IB) program for Grade 11 and 12
  • Facilities include gymnasiums, theaters, a track, tennis courts, Learning Commons (libraries), computer labs, STEM Labs, and a news broadcasting studio

Ecole Française Internationale Riyadh

  • Operates in French and English
  • Follows a French Curriculum with grades split into Maternelles (nursery), Lelémentaire (elementary), LeCollège (middle school), and Le Lycée (high school) 
  • High school curriculum offers five specialties in two sectors for:
    • S stream (Scientific): Science and biology, Physics and chemistry, Mathematics 
    • ES stream (Economic and Social): Advanced economy, Mathematics
  • Contracted by Agency for French Education Abroad (L'AEFE

Saud International School

  • Established in 1998, is an American and British Curriculum School
  • Grades 1 - 5 follows the American Curriculum, Grades 6 – 8 is  aligned  with  the  national  curriculum  of  the  UK,  in preparation for the IGCSE in Grades 9 - 10, and A levels in Grades 11 - 12 
  • Exams and curriculum follow standards of University  of Cambridge  and  the  Edexcel  International Board, under the guidance of the British Council
  • School offers sports facilities, science laboratories, computer labs, isolation rooms, specialist rooms, student lounge, art room, library

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