King Faisal Specialist Hospital at ACEP 2016

In October, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) attended ACEP 2016 for the second year in a row in an effort to attract more ER physicians to their facility. KFSH&RC attends a number of international events similar to this throughout the year; such as PGA for Anesthesia and RSNA for Radiologists. KFSH&RC is one of the best facilities in the Middle East and their continuous strive to attract top physicians and medical staff is second to none.

Representatives from IHR and KFSH&RC manned the booth for the three day convention along with an ER Physician working at the facility.

Planning and preparation for the event paid off. The booth was busy with representatives staying after hours to accommodate interested physicians. Over 100 physicians visited the booth; taking their time to ask all sorts of questions about the practice, living conditions, type of patients seen, visits per month, number of patients seen per shift, pay scale and benefits package. In addition to answering these questions, we were also able to provide them with information regarding their families and what their lives would be like in Saudi Arabia covering topics such as schools, accommodation and health coverage. Many also discussed the possibility of joining the hospital’s team for an initial short locum contract of four weeks to get a feeling for the place and the practice with the hope of returning on a permanent contract later on. The booth was also visited by other professionals such as nurses and PAs whom expressed interest in joining KFSH&RC

Many who visited the booth expressed interest and we are in contact with them to address further questions and look forward to recruiting a number of them for KFSH&RC. 



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