Patient Safety and Recruitment

A lot is said and written about patient safety while undergoing treatment at medical facilities, along with steps to ensure the success of the process. But, in my opinion, the patient safety process starts before the patient even arrives at the facility: it begins with the hiring process. Patient safety is a collective effort and is the responsibility of each and every team member. Recruitment agencies offer an extra layer of security.

  1. Before there was an auditor, verifier or licensure bodies, recruitment agencies took on these roles. They outsourced candidates, made sure they met requirements and fit the culture, collected credentialing paperwork, verified degrees and qualifications, made sure licenses are in good standing, verified the candidates’ experience and obtained references in an efficient and prompt manner. Over the years, each agency developed an efficient system.
  2. Being close to candidates’ country of origin, they are familiar with changes happening in their surrounding in terms of qualifications and licenses.
  3. Recruitment agencies perform a comprehensive background check; including checking all licenses a candidate may have carried during their career not just the recent one.
  4. Agencies are knowledgeable of the qualifications in their geographic area of recruitment; and ensure that candidates are holding the correct qualifications for the position they are applying for.
  5. Recruitment agencies speak to candidates about their experience, what they do, any special skills, working environment, nature of practice and what the candidate can do or not, to make sure this candidate is a good fit. They also work closely with candidates allowing them to learn more about the candidate along the way and learn how a good fit will be for the position.

Putting patients first is certainly a team effort and Recruitment Agencies are an integral part of this team.


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