Pre-Employment Medical Check-up

Taking a position in any Gulf State is really a task that consists of a combination of a credentialing and an immigration process.  Once the candidate has undergone and completed the credentialing process, received the final official offer of employment and accepts it, the immigration aspect of the process then begins. Like any other similar process around the world, entering a country is subject to meeting certain government requirements and the Medical Check-up is part of it. Therefore, it is important to deal with it accordingly and take this very seriously. This medical examination differs depending on which country the candidate will be working in, some countries require more tests than others (especially that now all employers provide Medical Insurance coverage). Below is an outline of what is required for the medical in Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar:

Saudi Arabia

The medical examination for Saudi Arabia must be completed by a Qualified Physician of the candidate’s choice in their country of residence.  The relevant KSA Consulate Medical Forms will need to be completed to obtain the visa to enter the country and all tests results must be provided too. In addition, since the medical insurance coverage is provided by the hospital, most hospitals have their own additional pre-employment medical requirements and a form/report which should be completed as well. All forms and requirements are usually provided to the candidate prior to their appointment with their physician, so only one visit will be required.  The main purpose of the medical is to ensure that the candidate is fit for work and clear from any communicable diseases such as: Hep. Bs Ag, Hep. C Ab, HIV Ab and TB. Therefore, if any of these tests show a positive result the offer will be withdrawn.

We are aware in many cases physicians may not want to perform some examinations or are hesitant to request certain lab tests, especially if the candidate does not show symptoms.  However, these tests, as a government requirement,  must be taken and the required medical reports completed before a candidate can obtain the visa to travel and start their new role in KSA.


UAE and Qatar

A Consulate Medical Report is not required to obtain the work visa to start a job in the UAE or in Qatar. However, a medical check-up is performed as part of the Residency requirements in the country.  The main purpose of the medical is to ensure that the candidate is fit for work and clear from any communicable diseases such as: Hep. Bs Ag, Hep. C Ab, HIV Ab and  TB. Therefore, should any of these tests show a positive result, the contract will be terminated. Hence, we do strongly suggest that a candidate makes sure that he/she has had these tests done at home prior to resigning their position.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out should you have any inquiries regarding Medical Report requirements, we are always available to help!

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