Recruitment Steps: Interview Tips

This is your opportunity to elaborate on your skills and experience to show what you have to offer to the Department. It is also a chance for the Department to assess your skills and experiences. 

Below are some tips that we feel might be of help to you when preparing for the interview.

1.      Know your resume. In our opinion, this is crucial as most of the questions during the interview will be based around the content of your resume. 

2.      Know your numbers. Many heads of department use figures to get an idea of your daily workload and your working environment. So questions about the facility in which you work are quite common: number of beds, unit size, number of staff members, number of patients, number of procedures, and so on. 

3.      Think of examples you can use if asked questions about:

  • Scenarios you may face as a caregiver
  • Responding effectively in emergency situations
  • Working as part of a team
  • Adapting to a new and different working environment than you are used to

4.      Prepare to explain gaps in employment. if any.

5.      Why do you want to go to the Middle East? The hospital will want to make sure you are joining for the right reasons and that you have a clear picture of what to expect. It could be because you see this as a great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, gain international experience, or have a chance to work with top notch equipment. It is never a good idea to bring up money as your sole motivator for the job. 

6.       Think of questions you may want to ask.  Keep them until the end of your interview. While most of these can be answered by your recruiter, you may also go online and read more about the hospital before your interview. But in terms of the details of practice and day-to-day work, this is your opportunity

Please keep in mind that interviews are a two way street, it is important for yourself and for the Department to see if this would be the right fit or not. 

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