Recruitment the Missing Link?

First, we would like to thank all the readers of our “Staying in Touch” Newsletter. We started this project in late 2016 in an effort to increase and improve engagement with our candidates. We also, wanted to grow awareness of vacancies at the hospitals we work with … Seemingly we are doing just that.

It is amazing, what you can learn from the newsletters feedback reports, here are some figures:

37.11% Reader Engagement 

  1. In one year, we achieved membership of over 10,000
  2. Currently, on average, our web site attracts about 400+ new subscriber per month.
  3. The readership & circulation statistics show that 37.11% are engaging with our newsletter (actually opening and reading information provided). That’s approximately 3,600 recipients. This is double the industry standard (Similar Newsletters in Recruitment and Staffing) that stands at 15.1%.
  4. 40% of those opening and reading Newsletter articles are residents of the USA. 
  5. The actual “Click Rate”, articles being read, is 14%.... “believe it or not” .. The Industry Average (Recruitment and Staffing) is ONLY 1.9%
  6. The data further shows that the majority of our readers (60%) are interested in vacancy listings and “Featured Hospital”…in our opinion, these readers are actively looking or considering the Middle East as a location to practice.
  7. There are, on average, 2,160 actual real candidates actively looking for jobs in the Middle East  .. and that is through IHR only! So … Presuming that we do not have suitable vacancies for half of the 2,160 actual candidates;  STILL most of the 1,080 potential candidates that we may have positions for are hesitant to apply!  And .. we continue to attract candidates who want to travel and work in the Middle East! BUT..  We still have a tough time to persuade the candidates who are looking for a change from current career or those interested in a travel adventure to consider the Middle East as an option

WHY?  … What, in your opinion, is the MISSING LINK.. to get all 1,080 potential candidates to press the … “Apply Here” button? Share Your Thoughts?

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