The Licensing Process in Saudi Arabia

For Health Professionals travelling overseas, obtaining licensure in a foreign country can be an overwhelming process, fraught with long wait times and a seemingly endless trail of paperwork. As tedious as the process may seem, its importance outweighs its drawbacks. The goal of a standardized licensing procedure is to ensure that the practitioners’ qualifications and experience meet the minimum credentialing requirements set by relevant health authorities. Without a regulated system in place, patients’ well-being could be put at risk. 

Saudi Council for Health Specialties

In Saudi Arabia, the Health Authority set up an agency known as the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) to manage a mandatory licensing process for doctors, nurses and allied healthcare providers interested in practicing within the Kingdom. It consists of a two-step procedure:

  1. Registration: A profile is created using Mumaris, an online portal used to submit personal details (name, photo, passport, etc.) as well as relevant paperwork (degrees, certifications, etc.). Once the profile is submitted and approved, Mumaris issues an Eligibility Number, indicating that the applicant is eligible for the next step. Depending on the specialty, applicants may be required to sit for an exam as well - in which case, the Eligibility Number will be issued upon a passing grade.
  2. Credentialing: The Eligibility Number is then used to create a profile with a third party verification service retained by the SCHS for that purpose. Qualifications and experience will be verified from source to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. Successful applications will be issued a positive report.

Once the report is received, the applicant is approved for a license! Upon arrival into the country, the applicant will submit a hard copy application form with the relevant paperwork to the SCHS, who will then issue the license that allows medical practice within the Kingdom.

IHR Canada will help simplify the licensing process for our candidates by creating a profile, submitting documents, monitoring the application process, and paying the third party credentialing fee. Our team is already well acquainted with the different requirements based on region and profession, and will walk you this process. Not to worry; as our candidate, we’ll take care of you!

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