Work Visa - Brief Introduction

Working in any of the Arabian Gulf States involves 2 major steps / process. The first step is credentialing of candidate’s paperwork (Discussed in a previous blog) and the second is a legal/immigration step. This second step is governed by a number of conditions outlined by relevant immigration authorities in each country that the candidate has to meet prior to arriving into the country. It is important to stress that; these requirements are instructions by relevant Governmental authorities and must be adhered to. Therefore, we always strongly suggest for our candidates not to resign their employment, until told their visa is granted and they have been given the permission to enter country to work. The conclusion of this process is for the candidate to receive work permit/visa to start the new job and reside in the country. These requirements vary from one country to another, though they have a lot in common, like:

  1. Attestation of Degrees and qualifications by the hosting country embassy in candidate’s country of residence. (should this not be stamped by hosting country embassy where candidates qualifications & licenses are issued)
  2. Obtaining a Medical clearance, making sure the candidate is healthy to work and has no communicable diseases
  3. Obtaining a Security Clearance to make sure they have has no criminal record

Of course, this in addition to regular travel requirements: Valid Passport, photos and etc.

Where the work visa for Saudi Arabia is granted by the Saudi consulate at country of residence, hence need to submit the requirements and passport to the consulate to have the visa stamped in. The UAE and Qatar visa is granted in relevant country i.e. UAE or Qatar (processed by employer) and stamped in passport at airport immigration desk when entering the country.

Work visa, once issued, is valid for a certain period of time and would require the candidate to enter during its validity: (Saudi visa is valid for 3 months, UAE visa is valid for 60 days and the Qatar work visa is valid for 6 months). Once you enter the country, candidate needs to establish residency and obtain Residency Permit / ID.

IHR Recruitment Team are familiar with the different countries requirements and regulations and will work each of our candidates through this process, including submitting paperwork to relevant authorities for the visa, credentialing, verification and etc…


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