Consultant  Opportunities in Riyadh, KSA

King Faisal Specialist Hospital serves thousands of people every year and strive to provide our patients with superior care and services that they deserve. In 2015, this hospital  performed 187 renal transplants, the highest number recorded across the country.

this hospital  has grown to becoming one of the leading Healthcare Providers in the Middle East. 

Recent Urgent Vacancies:

Consultant - Abdominal Radiology 

Consultant - Adult Cardiology 

Consultant - Adult Emergency 

Consultant - Adult Urology 

Consultant - Anesthesia & Pain 

Consultant - Anesthesiologist (Obstetric) 

Consultant - Critical Care Medicine 

Consultant - General and Minimal Invasive Surgery 

Consultant - Transplant Pulmonology 

Consultant - Hematology Bone Marrow Transplant 

Consultant - Endodontics 

Consultant - Heart Transplant - Heart Failure 

Consultant - Palliative Care

Consultant - Infectious Diseases 

Consultant - Blood Bank and Transfusion Services 

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