Emergency Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh

Learn first hand about the details of working at our facility. We will be at ACEP 2019, booth #625

If you would like to meet with the head of the department, please do let us know and will schedule for you. Feel free to get in touch at: ihr@ihrcanada.com or by phone, Toll Free: 1-888-SAUDIJOB

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King Faisal Specialist Hospital is an 1100 bed teaching hospital. It is one of the premier hospitals in the Middle East. Our ED volume is about 65,000 patients per year. Because of our tertiary care status, many of our ED patients are cancer patients in various stages of treatment and many of them have had transplants, anything from heat to kidney. So, the patient mix is eclectic and challenging. As you might expect, we have a full complement of back up service at our disposal, including any test that you might order at your own hospital.

Our staffing ratios are very physician friendly. We have pediatric ER docs who see all patients less than 14 years old. We have double coverage for adult patients 24 hours a day and during peak hours, also have a physician in triage as well as one covering our VIP area. In addition, there are usually 2-3 rotating fellows, residents, and interns on each shift. Only our VIP area, one a day, is a 10 hours shift - all the others are 8 hours in length with a total of over 112 hours per day in physician coverage. Most of us take a breath of fresh air at KFSH&RC, away from our very intense working conditions back in the states.

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