Healthcare in United Arab Emirates


No health certificate or special immunizations are required when traveling to the UAE unless you have been in a cholera or Yellow Fever affected area 14 days prior to visiting. it is wise to check with your travel agent before traveling, however, should the situation change.

Coping with the Heat  

For eight months of the year the Emirates are hot and along the coast, very humid. It is important that the visitor take precautions not to overexert. All hotels and restaurants are air conditioned as are most shops but outside is still hot. Try to limit going in and out of the air conditioning and be sure to drink plenty of fluids when outside for a long time.

Medical Care 

Even the smallest emirate is now equipped with a modern hospital so there is no need to worry about the availability of health care. Most major cities have several hospitals and an abundance of private clinics should you be in need.

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