Al Ain Hospital

Al Ain, UAE

Partnership with top European partners and UAE University

In accordance with the Abu Dhabi Government strategy and vision to raise government performance to the level of excellence, in 2007, Al Ain Hospital entered into partnership with VAMED, a leading international health and hospital management and services company, and Vienna Medical University, one of Europe’s most prestigious medical research and teaching institutions with an outstanding history and tradition over more than 600 years. Vienna Medical University is responsible for delivering medical services at the renowned Vienna General Hospital (AKH), Europe’s largest maximum care hospital with 36 clinics and institutes, more than 2,200 beds and around 9,000 staff, including 1, 600 physicians and 4, 500 allied health and nursing workers.

This close partnership facilitates an intensive skill transfer in all medical departments and at management level. As part of this process, al Ain Hospital hosts regular visits from some of Europe’s foremost experts from Vienna Medical University, enabling our patients to access the most advanced procedures ad treatments, based on the latest medical research, just as soon as they need it.

The Collaboration with Vienna Medical University as well as the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAE University means that out patients can benefit from unequalled expertise. Al Ain Hospital attaches great importance to interdisciplinary cooperation, holistic medicine, teamwork, and the highest standards or professional training and qualifications for all its consultants and staff. Complementing the clinical expertise supplied by Vienna Medical University, Al Ain Hospital is now being managed by VAMED, an internationally recognized hospital services and management group based in Vienna, Austria. VAMED operates and delivers management services to nine hospitals in Europe and Asia. This gives Al Ain Hospital access to a broad range of expertise and guarantees high-quality, process-oriented and results-driven hospital management.

The management partners’ strategy is geared towards improving performance: by expanding the services to accommodate the needs of all patients, enhancing staff skills, upgrading the existing facilities, and combining resources for a more efficient model of healthcare delivery.

The Hospital at a Glance

Al Ain Hospital has a long local history, providing healthcare services to nationals of the Emirates, the Gulf countries and all expatriates in the larger Al Ain region since 1979.

The Hospital has very distinctive features: besides delivering the full range of medical and surgical services. Al Ain Hospital is the referral center for all accidents and emergencies in Al Ain and the surrounding region. Around 350 emergency cases are treaded daily in the Emergency Room, which works hand in hand with the Police Emergency Medical Services. Al Ain Hospital is the only facility providing inpatient psychiatric and psychological services in the area. It also has a fully equipped specialist center for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Key Figures:

  • 412 Beds
  • 300,000 Number of out-patients per year
  • 130,000 ER patients per year
  • 18,500 in-patients per year
  • 1,500 staff
  • 202 doctors 41 different staff nationalities

Strongly positioning Al Ain Hospital

One of our most important aims in the next two years is to position Al Ain Hospital successfully in a quality-oriented, results–driven business environment with a strong emphasis on continuous medical and business know-how transfer between all partners

Through its partnership with Vienna Medical University and VAMED, Al Ain Hospital is attracting and retaining top international consultants in order to safeguard the highest level of healthcare delivery.

This is underpinned by an ambitious training program, designed by Vienna Medical University to develop the skills of Al Ain Hospital’s professional staff, and ensure that their performance matches the latest advances in medical knowledge.

Developing services to meet the community’s healthcare needs

The hospital is expanding its services line in primary and secondary care and in selected tertiary services, tertiary services, to include advanced competence centers.

Additional services have just been added to the portfolio. They include an integrated stroke unit and a Professorial Medical Unit in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the UAE University. The aim is to achieve an optimal blend of high-quality clinical services, teaching and clinically based research. By intergrading the emergency department, radiology and a multidisciplinary team of staff, we are now able to deliver world-class stroke management services. A medical Unit specifically for the elderly has also been opened, offering complete healthcare solutions to senior citizens in brand-new facilities. This service responds to a critical need in the community, for according to experts from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) at UAE University, the UAE’s elderly population shows the highest growth rate in the word.

Al Ain Hospital is also improving its out-patient services: it is developing specialist clinics within the family health Centers to offer the community convenient access to healthcare closer to their homes. The family health centers will also play a major role in health education so that prevention and early intervention for health risks such as diabetes can be improved.

Our specialties and centers

  • Emergency Medicine & Trauma Centre
  • Intensive Care
  • Medicine
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Imaging
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Clinical Laboratory Services
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Child Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Surgery

Abulatory Care Services

Our Specialist Polyclinics offer diagnostics and treatment in the following disciplines: surgery, urology, ENT, ophthalmology, orghopaedis, paediatrics, psychiatry, internal medicine, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology

Our Primary Health Centers:

  • Al Masoudi Health Care
  • Al Khabisi Health Care
  • Oud al Touba Health Care

A Dedicated Patient Service

When being admitted to Al Ain Hospital and throughout their stay, patients and their relatives should sense that the hospital is committed to delivering the highest standards of patient care.

For us, the patient is a guest of our organization, which must do its utmost to respond to his or her needs.

Our core principles are as follows:

  • Commitment to the community we serve
  • Pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement
  • Respect and compassion
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Team work and collaboration

Reflective of the community we serve, the 700 nursing staff currently employed at Al Ain Hospital represents 23 countries from around the world.

While preserving the cultural elements of care that are an integral part for the well-being of our clientele who come from a variety of societies, nursing services are grounded in established International Benchmarks for Nurisng Standards of Care and Practice.

Al Ain Hospital wants to remain easily accessible to all population groups. We are committed to treating all our patients, staff and visitors with respect, dignity and equality.

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