Al Batayeh Military Hospital

Al Batayeh Military Hospital

Al Batayeh Hospital is a 220-bed, satellite hospital branch of Zayed Military Hospital. It is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Its location consists of two residential buildings for medical staff, women’s services building, a mosque, emergency helipad, air conditioned ambulance garage, an armory, chemical storage facility and security gate house. The hospital will cater for dignitaries by providing VIP medical suites.  As well as providing medical services, the hospital will function as a cutting edge medical education facility, with an entire floor consisting of three lecture theaters, a library and associated offices.

The total built up area of the complex is 75,000 square meters, at a five story height, and it will house 3000 visitors, staff and patients at capacity.

Sharjah, UAE

With a population of over 800,000, Sharjah is the third largest city by population in UAE, following Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is bordered directly by Dubai in the south. It contains many commercial and cultural centers, full of stores, sport complexes, museums, mosques and schools. There are many heritage areas to explore Arabic culture, as well as a large coastline on both it's east and west coasts.

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