Health Authority of Abu Dhabi

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), UAE

General Information

HAAD is a local Government body in Abu-Dhabi that was established in 2001 to achieve several goals in the Emirate, mainly:

  • Establish Health Care standards in Abu-Dhabi Emirate
  • Overlooking Hospitals and Clinics operations
  • Promote Public Awareness and Healthcare issues in the community
  • Evaluate and oversee future contrac
  • s awarded to Hospital Management companies
  • Provide training to National Staff

Prepare plans for future needs of healthcare in Abu-Dhabi

The standard work week is Saturday to Wednesday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

There is no Income Tax in UAE; therefore NO TAXES are deducted from your paycheck. Please contact your local Tax Agency/ Office for more details to know how to go about it in your own country when you return from your overseas assignment.

Medical Services

In addition, the GAHS is starting a Primary Care Program for the Emirate. This program will design a comprehensive and integrated Family Medicine Model of care and provide the service to the population of Abu-Dhabi. It also includes:

  • Upgraded services in Primary Care centers and set-up of Home Care program
  • Training general practitioners in concept and practice of Family Medicine
  • Follow-up with patients attending PHC's and registered Home Care patients
  • Coordination of clinical activities in Home Care Programs
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical programs
  • Developing standards, procedures and protocols
  • Facilitating patients' education
  • Supervising nurses on home care team


Employees will receive a monthly transportation allowance. They can choose how to spend it themselves based on what suits their lifestyle (purchase a vehicle, lease a car, or use taxies, etc).


Employees will receive a housing allowance. Upper limit is decided based on position and grade.

Contract and Benefits Information

  • 2 year Contract, renewable
  • Tax free income
  • Accommodations Provided (Villa/House leased annually; see "Housing" above)
  • Furnishing Provided (Allowance to buy own furniture)
  • Education up to 3 children between 5 to 18 years of age (if on Married Contract)
  • Travel airfares for self and family (if on Married Contract)
  • Forty or forty five (40/45) days annual paid (calendar days) vacation
  • Free Medical Care
  • End of Service Award - one month's pay for each year completed (up to first 3 years); one and a half months' pay for each year thereafter.

Recreation Services for Employees

Abu-Dhabi is a "happening place". Although GAHS does not provide recreational activities AT THIS POINT AND TIME IT IS UNDER REVIEW AND A PACKAGE HAS BEEN PUT TOGETHER FOR APPROVAL. Abu-Dhabi has a lot to offer: Beaches, diving, social life, entertainment, etc.

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