King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

General Information

The King Fahad Military Hospital in Jeddah is considered one of flagship facilities in the Kingdom. It is located West of Jeddah, at the end of Tahliya Street by the Red Sea, approximately 25 kilometers from the city center and is easily accessible to the general population as well as to accident victims requiring immediate emergency care.

The hospital will eventually consist of a 250 bed acute and tertiary medical care center providing health care service to Military personnel, employees and their dependents. A 250 bed VIP wing is currently under construction. Expected to be commissioned by end 2000.

The services of the hospital are at a high level of professional standards as defined by the standards of the United States Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) and the Hospital Operation Standards. The Hospital requires that the quality of services rendered and the general operating standards of the hospital project continue to meet international standards and the Hospital Operations Standards.

In addition to providing excellent care for patients, the hospital trains appropriately educated Saudi nationals for administrative, professional and technical positions.

Medical Services

The hospital project contains facilities for a full range of acute, tertiary, secondary and primary patient care services for both inpatients and outpatients.

Surgical services account for most of the total number of beds, and include General Surgery, Renal, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics and Oral Surgery.

Other services include a very active Maternal Child department, ICU, Hemodialysis, Short Stay surgery, Burn Unit and Cardiac Cath. Lab.

The hospital has a number of clinics which are located inside the hospital facility as out patients clinic.


Shuttle buses operate at intervals between housing and the hospital. During change of shift hours buses run approximately every 5 minutes for continuous services.

There are several shopping buses to the center of the city. School children are transported to and from school each day. In addition to regular school hours, transportation is provided from school to home for children who are involved in extra curricular activities.


Unlike any other hospital in the Kingdom, KFMH took on itself to provide the best housing for expatriates available in Jeddah. They have rented villas and apartments at "Arabia Homes" compounds. One of the most expensive and most comfortable compounds.

A number of leisure facilities available on the compound premises including: Swimming pool, a recreation center, weight lifting room, shopping stores, laundry, restaurants and many more.

Contracts and Benefits Information

Employment contracts are for either one or two years, at the employer's option, and are very often renewable.

The standard work week in Saudi Arabia is 44 hours. The number of hours in a shift vary some what from department to department. The standard work week is Saturday through Wednesday.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have an income tax. Therefore, no taxes are deducted from an employee's paycheck. The US Internal Revenue Service can provide information concerning income tax liability while living outside the United States. Revenue Canada could provide similar information.

You will be eligible for accompanied / unaccompanied status contract and will receive the following benefits...

  • Contract, 1 year and often renewable.
  • Air transport, economy class, from point-of-hire to Jeddah, KSA.
  • End of contract entitlements consisting of one half month salary for each year worked.
  • Ticketing, a return ticket to point-of-hire- for vacation once a year.
  • Vacation, 40 days paid vacation per year.
  • Housing, including utilities, appliances, linens, etc. provided.
  • Uniforms, provided.
  • Transportation, from hospital to housing and back and shopping trips, provided.
  • Medical care and emergency dental care normally provided at the hospital.
  • Access to subsidized meals in Hospital project cafeterias.
  • Emergency Leave, available.

Recreation Services for Employees

Staff recreation services offer a limited leisure time activities for project employees and their families. Facilities available for use mostly swimming pools. However, due to the nature of Jeddah, a wide variety of leisure activities available on housing compound or through clubs. Hospital can arrange to introduce employees to these clubs.

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