Ministry of Public Health - State of Qatar

Doha, Qatar

General Information

The Ministry of Public Health serves to improve the health of the population of Qatar with its many advanced protection, promotion, prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services. The Ministry of Public Health aims to create health policies that protect and promote better health, in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century and the needs of the fast growing population of Qatar. Health care is provided for all patients irrespective of nationality, and the Government is pledged to provide “health for all”. The MoPH is responsible for components of public health such as disease survey, prevention & control, food safety, health promotion, laboratory services and information & vital statistics among others.

The health service in Qatar is based on the three elements of any developed health system in the world: public health, primary care and hospital services. The MoPH plays a role in each of these components by providing and gathering vital information, providing continued education / professional development for healthcare providers, monitoring licensing of healthcare professionals and overseeing hospital programs and services. Not only do they provide services to the public, they also help professionals with registration and accreditation. The departments of Pharmacy & Drug Control, Public Health, Finance & eHealth and the various teams / divisions within them are just some examples of the mechanisms which contribute to this multi-faceted and advanced organization; bringing hospitals, professionals, policy makers and researchers together in order to enhance resources and effectively use technology to improve the lives of Qataris.

Examples of Services for Public:

Examples of Services to Health Professionals:

Examples of Other Health Services:

The MoPH's National Health Strategy for Qatar has three major themes:

  • Changing Qatar’s healthcare focus from illness ‘treating’ to illness ‘preventing’ and improving people’s health and fitness so they are less likely to become unwell, and if they do need treatment, providing the right care, in the right place at the right time.
  • Creating effective and affordable services for all of the people of Qatar.
  • Integrating high quality research and continuing professional development into all areas of care delivery, in line with the health priorities of Qatar.

National Health Strategy Website

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