Primary Health Care Corporation

About Primary Health Care Corporation 

PHCC is dedicated to providing the people of Qatar with highest level of health care by operating and managing different Health Centers across the state of Qatar. 

This was the first step in establishing a primary health care system and started to provide healthcare services through a range of clinics as early as 1954. In 1978 the Ministry of Health developed a comprehensive scheme for building a primary health care system which was submitted to the Council of Ministers and the scheme included the launching of primary health care services through 9 health centers, covering different parts of the country, and capable of providing basic and essential health and medical services (preventive and curative). Since then, all effort has been spent to enhance health care standards. Overtime, services were planned with the objective of being the first health defense line, and it continued to improve both in terms of quantity and quality. 

The Primary Health Care Corporation is now operating through 26 primary health care centers distributed into three regions, namely: Central, Western, and Northern. Thirteen of these centers are located in Doha city, while the rest of centers are located in populated areas in all parts of the country in order to provide a wide variety of different types of health care services that depend on the location and needs of each area throughout a set of objectives which focuses on keeping the health of population, and prevention from diseases, in addition to patient Diagnose and treatment, and the provision of a long-term and constant support to patients and their families from infants to elderly, children, adults, married couples, and mothers.

PHCC's Mission: To advance health and well-being through primary health care services which are comprehensive, integrated, person-centered and affordable.

PHCC's Goals: 

  • Excellence in Health Services, Facilities and Infrastructure - by being the first and continuous point of contact for high quality, accessible and safe primary health care services.
  • Excellence in Workforce  - by developing and expanding a skilled and motivated workforce  to deliver better health outcomes for the public.
  • Excellence in Organizational Learning and Development  - by ensuring the organization as a whole has the culture and  systems in place which enable it to continuously improve.
  • Excellence in Customer Services  - by ensuring that our services, staff and facilities are centered on our customers’ needs.
  • Excellence in Partnerships  - by establishing effective relationships with all partners to deliver high quality primary care services.

Health Care Services: These centers provide specialty services to the community aiming to enhance self care model as well as healthy life style manner, mostly:

  • Patient Management
  • Dental Services
  • Antenatal care & Ultrasound Services
  • Vaccination Services
  • Health education
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Home Visits Services
  • Radiology Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Medical Commission Services
  • Health Promoting Schools Program
  • School health Services
  • Social Worker Services

Due to the importance of health care services provided through health centers, and in order to achieve the National Health Strategy objectives which emphasizes that the primary health care is the base for health system in the country, there is full understanding reflected clearly by H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa AL Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, who has issued on 20th February 2012 the Emiri decree No. (15) on the Establishment of the Primary Health Care Corporation considering it as an independent corporation with its own independent budget. 

Health Care Clinics, provide:

  • General  Practice clinics
  • Family Medicine Clinics
  • Cardiology clinics
  • Well woman clinics
  • Antenatal care clinics
  • Well baby clinics & Vaccinations
  • Non Communicable Disease clinics/ Chronic Disease
  • Dental clinics
  • Dietitian  Clinics
  • Pre-marital Examination Clinics
  • Ophthalmology  Clinics
  • ENT Clinics
  • Audiology clinics

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PHCC New Offices in Doha

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