Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

General Information

The Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital (RAFH) is located in Riyadh City, The capital of Saudi Arabia. Its the flagship of the RKH Program. RKH is the Medical Services Department (MSD) of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA). RAFH was officially opened December 1978. The hospital now includes the main hospital, Southwest Corner and the new Southwest Corner Extension . Additional facilities are being built to accommodate the growing population and to further enhance the quality of patient care.

RAFH provides a major portion of the medical services for the military personnel and their dependents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a full range of diagnostic and management facilities for patients ranging in age from the neonate to the elderly. The institution has an excellent reputation, both in the Middle East and in the West for the quality of patient care provided, annual symposiums and for the research papers published in most reputable journals.

The staff of the RAFH come from many parts of the world and adds up to approximately 3,500.

Employment contracts are for two years and often renewable.

The standard work week is 44 hours. The number of hours in a shift vary somewhat from department to department but generally do not exceed 8 hours a day and 4 hours Thursday (Except nurses). The standard work week is Saturday through Wednesday.

Location and Size

The RAFH is about 770 bed hospital and considered one of the most advanced centers in the Middle East. It is located in the heart of Riyadh. At a walking distance from several shopping areas and fancy restaurants. Approximately 20 Kilometers from the city center and easily accessible to the general population as well as to accident victims.

The services of the Center are at a high level of professional standards. RAFH administration requires that the quality of services rendered and the general operating standards of the center to meet the United States Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO ) standards.

In addition to providing excellent care for patients, the RAFH trains appropriately educated Saudi nationals for administrative, professional and technical positions. There are continuing education programs and specific training program for Saudi Nationals in various medical Technologies.

Medical Services

In the main hospital building (Blg. 100) a full range of clinical services are provided, including General Medicine, dermatology, Haematology, Neurology, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Oncology, Nephrology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Urology and Oral Surgery. The main hospital also houses a large laboratory service and Nuclear Medicine Department.

In the Southwest Corner (Blg. 109) which was opened in 1981, other services are provided, including Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Renal Dialysis and Extended Care. The new extension of Southwest Comer (Blg. 111) is intended to high - ranking military personnel and their dependents

To further advance the health care services provided by the program, additional services are now fully operational such as Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Artificial Heart Transplant Project, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), In vitro Fertilisation Project and Linear Accelerator Project.

Annual workload figures reflect the level of activity for the center The total registered patients in RAFH count to 520,212 as of 1996 (including peripheral clinics). The Total patients attendance in RAFH showed 672,713 (1996) including Outpatient, Family & Community Medicine, Dentistry and Accident & Emergency. The total operations performed showed 12,478.

Recreation Services for Employees

The Department of Recreational Services offers recreation and leisure opportunities to a wide range of interests and age groups. Facilities for recreation are spread across a large area, ranging from the "flagship" multipurpose recreation center at the hospital, to further multipurpose sport leisure facilities attached to some of the accommodation sites .

There is something for everyone, and the Department provides access for beginners and the more advanced alike.

In addition to "in-house" events ,the Department arranges for other activities taking place in and around Riyadh.

Riyadh itself is an interesting, bustling city. There are shopping centers and malls offering a good selection of goods at very affordable prices. Hotels in Riyadh offer excellence in both services and in their first-class restaurants, most of which hold outdoor barbecues or brunch on Fridays.


Shuttle buses operate regularly at intervals between housing projects and the Center

There are several shopping buses to malls and supermarkets each day. School children are transported to and from school each day. Limousine service available to places can not be reached otherwise. This service at a very low cost per kilometer and has cars / mini buses available for individual employees.


Single Females:

  • Based on position and availability they will be provided with appropriate accommodation. Some may require to share apartments, but will always have own room.

Single Males:

  • Based on position and availability they will be provided with appropriate accommodation. Some may require to share apartments, but will always have own room.

Married Couples:

  • Will be provided appropriate accommodation in an apartment or villa based on availability and position.

Contract and Benefit Information


All salaries are paid in Saudi Riyals at the end of each Gregorian month. Please note that salary equivalencies may fluctuate depending upon the exchange rate.

End of Contract Award:

One month salary per contract year payable on completion of contract (i.e. two months salary payable on completion of a two year contract)

Contract Renewal:

It is possible on an annual basis with the consent of both parties.


For grades 1 to 7 inclusive, married or single status contract contingent upon marital status. Grades 8 to 13 inclusive, are single status only.

44 Hour Week:

This is exclusive of meal breaks. This is the standard working week for all staff and would include shift work and night duty, where applicable.


Authorized by the Head of Department. Payable to grades 8 to 3 inclusive if the Department Head is unable to grant time off in lieu of payment.

Holiday Entitlement:

Paid leave for four weeks after each 26 weeks worked. All staff is expected to complete six months before taking their first leave.

Flight Allowance:

A return fare allowance is credited to employees to the point of hire after each twelve month period worked (grades I to 3 inclusive: first class and grades 4 to 13, economy). Point of hire is the nearest international airport to the nearest Saudi Arabian Embassy in the country of your permanent residence.

Agreed Dependents:

(applicable for grades 1 to 7 inclusive) Wife plus 3 children up to the age of 18.

Educational Allowances:

(applicable for grades I to 7 inclusive) In kingdom education will be provided for a maximum of 3 children. Alternatively if the child is attending school outside the Kingdom. Education fees will be paid for a maximum of 3 children up to SR 25,000 per child.

Excess Baggage Allowance:

20 kilos per employee and each agreed dependent at commencement of contract upon departure terminating employees receive an allowance as follows..

  • Employees completing up to two years contract - SR500
  • Employees completing 3-4 years continuous service - SR1000
  • Employees completing 5 or more years continuous service - SR1300

Flight Entitlement for Dependents:

(applicable for grades 1 to 7 inclusive) For those residing In-Kingdom it is the same as employees. For dependents residing outside the Kingdom:

  • Wife: The same as the husband. i.e. a return flight from point of hire for every 6 months worked by the employee.
  • Children 2 lowest cost return flights from point of hire per contract year.
  • NOTE: Upon his/her I8th birthday. a dependent child ceases to he entitled to any of the above benefits.


Furnished air-conditioned accommodation is provided free. All utilities except long distance telephone calls are also without charge to the employee. The number of bedrooms is based on the number and age of agreed dependents and not according to grade. It is located either within the main hospital compound or in the off-site expatriate compounds/apartment blocks which are approximately 5 to 15 minutes drive from the hospital. Transportation is provided from all off-site accommodation to the hospital.

Subsidized Meals:

These are available in the hospitals own restaurants and snack bars for employees and agreed dependents.

Creche Facilities:

These are provided for children under age 10 of working wives of grade 7 and above for a nominal fee depending on availability.

Compassionate Leave:

Provision exists for paid compassionate leave for a period of one week. Leave is limited to death within the immediate family of the employee.

NOTE: No air ticket will be provided to international contract staff for compassionate leave.

Sick Leave:

Upon certification from a doctor approved by the Program. provision is allowed for 30 days on full pay and 60 days on three-quarters pay per contract year.

NOTE: This is not applicable for sickness during periods of leave/holiday outside the Kingdom.

Medical Services:

  • Free medical services for employees and their defendants.
  • Dental treatment and Plastic Surgery will be provided for emergency cases only.
  • Grade 1-7. family status only are entitled for medical treatment pertaining to obstetrics. Infertility treatment will not be provided by the Program.
  • NOTE: All new employees must register with Staff Health on arrival at RKH.


All prospective employees must have a medical examination before the offer of employment is confirmed and advice regarding vaccinations is given then. However, none are compulsory for entry into the Kingdom.

Study Leave:

There is no provision for education/professional study leave in certain grades.

Professional Malpractice:

No coverage is given in the contract, hence where applicable notify your own respective professional body or union to assist you in arranging cover for an overseas contract.


Uniforms will be provided on-site for those staff requiring uniforms including nursing and clinical supports staff.

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