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Security Forces Hospital Program

Nursing Department

Hospital Departments

Internal Diseases:

This unit includes specialties of cardiology, dermatology, diabetics, endocrine glands, digestive system, hematology diseases, infectious diseases, internal diseases, kidney and urology unit, neurology, psychiatry clinic, lung diseases, and rheumatic diseases. Patients who visited the hospital totaled 86,209 persons. 


It includes general surgery unit, orthopedics unit, urinary tracts surgery, plastic surgery, brain and neurology surgery, children surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and ENT surgery.
Patients who visited the hospital for these units totaled 72.331 persons and operations made totaled 10.730 surgical operations among which 2.982 operations were made in daily surgery rooms.


Anesthesia cases totaled 9.517.

Gynecology Dept.:

Patients who visited the hospital for this unit totaled 43.785 persons among whom 4.925 were delivery cases.

Pediatrics Dept.:

Patients who visited the hospital for this unit totaled 32.190 persons.

Dentistry Dept.:

Patients who visited the hospital for this unit totaled 29.565 persons.

Emergency Room:

Patients who visited the hospital for this unit totaled 116.011 persons representing 15.5% of total visiting patients of the hospital. The inpatients through this emergency room totaled 15%, while patients who were referred to other hospitals totaled 1% of total visiting patients of emergency room at the hospital.


Nursing services are considered one of the most important aspects in the process of distinguished medical care. Nursing Division provides nursing to patients at all general and specialized clinics in addition to specialized care services to inpatients at all units.

Number of nurses grew hugely and such growth is characterized with constant increase, as number of nurses reached to 182 nurses in the year 1405H, 220 nurses in 1406H, and 263 nurses in 1407H.

In 1429H number of nurses reached to 761 all of which providing specialized nursing as per international standards in various divisions and units of the hospital.  


This unit is responsible for providing patients with medicines prescribed by specialist physicians and provision of services corresponding to applicable drug precautions and professional regulations. Also, this unit provides physicians and pharmacists with the most up-to-date medical literatures and printings dealing with medicine treatment in addition to organizing periodical tests quarterly to pharmacists, and participation in training King Saud University students of Pharmacy College, Health Sciences College, and Medical Sciences College.

Laboratory and Blood Bank:

Medical practices nowadays depend on accurate scientific data that can be obtained from laboratories and detailed lab investigations. Therefore, lab investigations are made for all patients seeking medical care in the hospital and primary care clinics and students applying to enroll in security institutes and colleges. Year by year the services provided by Laboratory and blood bank are developing considerably as per international standards. Laboratory unit has succeeded in reducing number of samples sent to investigation to external institutions. Pathology unit is still connected with Remote Pathology Program in collaboration with some USA hospitals.
Lab analyses in the year 1421H totaled 1.860.226 analyses.


The basic mission of X-ray unit is to support the medical staff in diagnosing the disease and treatment. The unit contains many advanced X-ray equipment including but not limited to: CT Scan, four modern groups of X-ray, endoscope group, digital group for imaging veins, ultra-sound scanning equipment provided with sectional and linear rows. The unit contains also number of modern and advanced equipment including: day development equipment, new equipment of color ultra-sound and modern equipment of nuclear medicine. The unit is in the process of procuring blood veins scanning equipment and helical sectional imaging equipment.
X-ray tests made in the year 1428H totaled 133.605 tests, while patients who X-ray tests made to them totaled 104.912 patients.

Physiotherapy Dept.:

It provides services to specialized clinic inpatients who are referred by hospital physicians or primary health care clinics. This unit contains number of physiotherapists and assistants. The unit provided 134.318 physiotherapeutic sessions in the year 1428H.

Military Affairs:

This Department is involved in coordination, follow-up, and organization of all that may be related to military men working in various units of the hospital and submits reports on their promotions, payments, vacations, and military supplies, and prepare their files and follow up their job performance through the heads of unit departments.

Medical Maintenance and Engineering:

Medical Maintenance and Engineering is responsible for keeping operable condition of hospital facilities and equipment. Also, it makes technical studies, planning, supervision, and execution of various projects of the hospital. Also, support workshops, including workshops of air-conditioning, electricity, plumbing, steel works, and joinery, facilitate daily operations of performing maintenance to such facilities. Medical engineering department performs maintenance to all medical and office equipment at the hospital, and bringing the hospital to the highest degree of performance taking into consideration safety standards to patients and equipment operators.

Information Technology and Communication:

With the support of its dedicated, ethical and competent staff, the IT and Communication Departments adopt “Smart Use of Information and Communication Technology” to achieve the hospital mission and strategic goals to deliver high quality health care services to Ministry of Interior staff and their families.

Catering and Food Services:

This department provides catering and food services to inpatients and accompanying individuals as well as hospital staff.

Patients Services:

Department of patients services provides group of activities and interests related directly to welfare and service of patients and facilitating procedures and requirements of their referral to the hospital, and receiving the required treatment, and guiding and helping them in all that may achieve the maximum degree of benefiting from protective and remedial services provided by the hospital. Such tasks are provided by the following units:

Patient Relations Dept.:

This unit is involved in fulfilling needs of patients and outpatients around the clock including solving problems of inpatients and outpatients.

Admission Dept.:

This unit coordinates, prepares, and arranges reservations and admissions to patients inside various medical divisions as per classification of cases (emergency, urgent, and normal), which will achieve the ideal and maximum use of clinical capacity . The visiting patients who were admitted into the hospital in the year 1428H totaled 23,387 patients.

Medical Records.:

This unit is involved in keeping and organizing medical records (files) of outpatients and inpatients.

Social Work Dept.:

This unit is involved in providing assistance and help to some patients and their families who have social, psychological, or financial problems. In this regard, they recognize the patient and his/her circumstances and facilitating all problems that may hamper process of recovery.

Educational Affairs:

The activities of this unit is represented in organizing training courses and preparing educational programs, and development of manpower with the aim of raising the level of performance and increase of productivity rates. One of its tasks is to organize series of scientific forums, conferences, courses, and on-going education programs for physicians, nurses, administration staff, support services staff, resident physicians programs in various specialties, making available educational opportunities in the fields of medical care to ministry of interior employees and workers at the hospital, as well as organizing on-job training intensive programs, preparing delegation to scholarship programs, and preparing health education programs. Post graduate studies unit is responsible for post graduate programs inside the hospital, and other training programs in coordination with the related department. In addition, fellowship programs that end with scientific degree, the department makes available training opportunity to internship physicians and students of colleges of medicine and health institutes and colleges for taking internship program inside the hospital. The hospital has specialized library that contain group of essential references besides many specialized medical and scientific periodicals. Email has been introduced to the library in a way that will facilitate the process of research and exchanging medical information with international medical centers. Furthermore, electronic library has been set up with the provision of compact disks. Currently, a study is performed in relation to expanding the library in order to provide better services. Teaching unit organizes courses of various levels on English language, medical terminology, and courses for preparing for English Language Test as a foreign language besides organizing training courses on computer and applications.

Human Resources Department:

This department works on attracting and appointment the most efficient human resources to work in all specialties related to program management and operation. Also, it applies policies and procedures that keep up rights of employees and hospital together.
It updates work technique in a way that will correspond to modern techniques and automatically related to external recruitment offices and all program employees taking into account keeping information in strict confidentiality, and reviewing job description and periodical updating of database and salary scale, and organizational structure as it will be required by official channels.

Finance Department:

This Department performs all works related to budget and ideal use of the items of such budget. Also, it prepares payrolls and monthly wages, and concludes contracts of operation and maintenance and purchases. In addition, it makes available all amounts of money required for procurement of all materials and equipment.

Follow-up and Administrative Development:

The purpose of this department is to perform follow up and planning in order to ensure the best levels of health care for ministry of interior employees and families through planning and follow-up of all works related to operation. Quality section belongs to this department. One of its tasks is the service of successful operation of the hospital and reviewing policies and procedures of all hospital departments through quality and participation in supervising all projects to be performed at the hospital, and follow-up of carrying out recommendations provided in minutes of meetings of main committees of the hospital as well as performing procedures of researches and studies to serve the hospital mission and objectives in addition to acting as consultative department to hospital's management.

Public Relations:

Any department in this hospital shall have two interests. One of them is internal and the other is external. Information department of the hospital will be concerned with patients as an internal public in addition to its activities and relations with parties outside the scope of the hospital. For achieving its objectives and performance of its mission, Public relations resort to the ideal use of all available media. In this regard, it participates in organizing scientific courses and media coverage of the activities of forums and conferences and scientific meetings and the visits made to the hospital for making known the activities of the hospital that are worth media coverage, and preparing materials of booklets, leaflets, and posters with the aim of education in various occasions as well as participation in expositions and health education weeks, and issuance of "health education" and performing procedures of researches and questionnaires to know the patients' feedback on services rendered by the hospital.

Health Education:

This unit belongs to Public Relations Department. It participates in all health education occasions, national and international occasions, and designing and execution of materials related to such occasions. In addition, it organizes monthly lectures held to educate inpatients and outpatients. It also, prepares many printings related to various education items besides unit's participation in issuance of booklets and leaflets related to international health education around the year.

Communications & Mail:

This department is involved in providing services of communications to inpatients and outpatients and security forces hospital employees.

Housing & Recreation:

This department provides the best of housing and recreational services to security forces hospital employees.

Materials Department:

This department is involved in procuring and storing medical and non-medical supplies required by the hospital. This department is composed of three units (Store, Purchases, and Property).

Transportation Department:

This department is involved in providing transportation services to hospital's employees and transporting them to airport, in addition to transportation services to schools and shopping centers, and transporting patients to other hospitals and health centers.

Cleaning and Laundry:

This department is involved in all operations and procedures that will keep the hospital clean in the light of rationalization policy and ideal use of hospital resources.

Central Disinfection and Sterilization:

This department is involved in applying policies and procedures related to central disinfection and hospital sterilization.

Historical Information

Security Forces Hospital Program is considered one of the main portals among the group of providing health care services in the Kingdom.

Its inception began before 35 years i.e. in the year 1393H (1972), when small dispensary was opened with small and very limited resources in Riyadh. Such dispensary was expanded in 1396H (1975) to become a hospital running 20 beds. By support of HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Interior, and His Deputy HRH Prince Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz a hospital was constructed next to such dispensary running 120 beds. When the construction of the hospital finished, its operation was awarded to one of national companies under the supervision and follow up of Ministry of Interior representatives. Later on, such project was called “Security Forces Hospital” and the first phase of construction was called "First Phase Project".
In 1402H (1981) the second phase of construction started for constructing a hospital on an area of land of 65,360 square meters, and it was completed in 1406H (1985), when the hospital continued in growth and development.

In 1409H (1988) HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Interior, concluded the contract of Operation and Maintenance of Security Forces Hospital and the field mobile hospital in Makkah Al-Mokarramah with one of the national companies specialized in operation and maintenance of hospitals. At the end of 1412H (1991) the contract was renewed for other periods, as the award of such two contracts resulted in huge development in the hospital's resources, as number of beds reached to 508 beds. Also, two new awards were opened, and extensions of other existing awards were made in addition to making available advanced medical equipment.

In 1419H (1998) the Ministry of Interior assumed the responsibility of operation and maintenance of Security Forces Hospital and the field mobile hospital in Makkah Al-Mokarramah, and the hospital has become know under the name of Security Forces Hospital Program, which nowadays has become one of the best reputed and famous hospitals in the Kingdom, and it is the only hospital that provides services to Ministry of Interior personnel and their families.

At present it witnesses start of new projects aiming at expanding its capacity for the biggest volume of referred individuals, as one new building was built and dedicated for family and community medicine clinics. The year 2008 will witness construction of Prince Nayef Center for Dialysis, and eight-storey-tower has been dedicated for specialized medical purposes.

Through the mission of the hospital which aims at providing high quality and distinguished health services to individuals, it seeks and be committed to development and improvement of services quality as per the best international standards. The continuous development of the hospital is due to support of Allah and wise instructions and continuous support provided by HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, minister of interior, HRH Prince Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz, deputy minister of interior and HRH Prince Mohamed Bin Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, assistant minister of interior for security affairs, God bless them all.

Hospital Achievements:

Security Forces Hospital has stepped wide steps on the line of development and improvement of medical services, in both protective and remedial sides, provided to patients and performing surgical operations in the field of orthopedics, prosthetics and plastic surgery. Services provided to patients have increased remarkably since 1396H until present time. Hospital's role is not limited only to the traditional role of specialized hospitals in providing comprehensive medical care but, it has gone beyond such role as it has become an educational and internship institution accredited by Saudi Board of Medical Specialties. In addition, many specialties in the hospital have obtained accreditation from other national and international medical boards.
The hospital has gone wide steps on the way of Saudization program and increasing the number of Saudi employees in various specialties, supported by improvement of their skills by making available of internship opportunities and delegating them to scholarships inside and outside the Kingdom. The principle of ideal employment of resources in all departments and wards of the hospital has been used taking into consideration the quality of services and compatibility to international standards. In the field of hospital's seeking to convoy all developments on the international medical area, it has been linked to internet world web. In this regard, it has permanent domain and email pages on such world web. Furthermore, the hospital organized many international forums for the same purpose. Delegation to scholarships inside and outside the Kingdom has been fixed policy for the hospital so that delegated persons can obtain degrees of fellowship, Ph.D. and Master in all fields of medical specialties and to qualify Saudi manpower to work in such huge medical institution. In addition, the principle of ideal employment of resources in all departments and wards of the hospital has been used taking into consideration the quality of services provided and compatibility to international standards. Furthermore, the hospital organized many international forums on the ideal employment of resources to increase education of staff on such matter, and all staff working in various programs has been working under the slogan of "Best Services in the light of rationalization and ideal employment of resources" .
Statistical data of various departments and units of the hospital shows considerable increase in absorbing the number of hospital's visitors and the provided protective and remedial services in spite of non-increase of number of manpower, and continuation in rationalization of expenditure. This has been achieved with constant increase by way of applying the policy of ideal employment of financial and manpower resources efficiently. The results have been distinguished with high quality curative services, administrative organization, and fast completion, which positively reflected on the services, provided to patients and increases of their satisfaction and trust in hospital's services. The hospital could update more than 20% of its equipment and devices.

Accreditation of Its Educational and Internship Programs:

  • British Clinical College of Gynecologists in London has accredited the hospital's maternity department.
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland has accredited anesthetization department of the hospital.
  • King Saud University has accredited ophthalmic department of the hospital to be qualified center for training resident physicians for fellowship in ophthalmology. Such accreditation is considered supplementary to the previous accreditations that the hospital could obtain from Arab Board of Medical Specialties.
  • Arab Board of Medical Specialties has also accredited the validity of internal medicine specialty of security forces hospital.
  • Arab Scientific Board of Surgery has accredited internship of general surgery at the hospital with the exclusion of neurology surgery and cardiology surgery, which duration of each is four years.
  • Pediatrics internship at the hospital has been accredited for Arab Fellowship, the duration of which will be four years.
  • Saudi Board for Health Specialties has accredited all specialties of security forces hospital as an educational and internship center.

Modern Services, Equipment, and Medical Departments:

In this field, we can record big number of achievements including but not limited to opening catharsis unit, children ICU that was established within the new building of children unit, dialysis unit and supporting it with efficient physicians, children surgery and internal diseases unit, retina diseases unit, endoscopy unit for bladder, intestines, and colon operations in addition to introducing modern surgical techniques such as anastomosis of dacryelcosis through nasal orifice by laser carbon dioxide ray, iridocyclectomy, and introducing laser unit in plastic surgery unit and hand surgery, and MMR unit as well as development of endoscopic surgery. List of achievements is still in continuation in security forces hospital. Future plans of the hospital include many projects that aim at more developments and technical and professional upgrading, which will come to existence in the near future.
Remote Communication Medicine was introduced into the hospital in 1416H, when HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, minister of interior, launched and opened the new computer system and declared the inception of Remote communication and Satellite Medicine service, and when HRH Prince Nayef viewed some live discussions and communications with Massachusetts Hospital of Harvard University and Cleveland Hospital of USA on some disease cases.

  • Assistant - Special Projects/Practice Development (Wound Care/Tissue Viability Specialist)Collaborates with Wound Management Team, multidisciplinary healthcare team members, patients, families and visitors.Read MoreApply Now
  • Assistant Director of NursingTo assist the Director of Nursing as assigned. To manage all operational aspects of the Division including the financial and human resources elements. To provide personal and professional leadership to all staff in the division, influence the delivery of care by providing knowledge, advice and oversight, represent the collective view of nurses and ensure the achievement of hospital\'s objectives.Read MoreApply Now
  • Head Nurse Under Nursing Administrative direction, assumes twenty-four hour responsibility for managing the human and material resources of the Nursing Unit in order to provide quality patient care and an environment which encourages staff growth and satisfaction. Contributes to the Hospital\'s Mission and the development of Nursing Services. Supports the philosophy and objectives of the Department of Nursing and actively fosters and contributes to educational efforts.Read MoreApply Now
  • Nursing Supervisor (Emergency Room)The post holder will in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Nursing be responsible for the management and co-ordination of the nursing service to patients within the Emergency Room Department. This will include operational and strategic management to ensure the smooth running and efficient use of the departments\' resources. The post holder requires an indepth knowledge of Emergency Nursing, Risk Management and Clinical Audit as well as educational, research and management skills. The post holder will be expected to co-ordinate and deliver healthcare to patients attending the Emergency Department and to liaise with multidisciplinary teams members in SFHP.Read MoreApply Now
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