Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Sheikh Khalifah Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Information

The Shaikh Khalifa Medical Center (SKMC) is a modern, acute care institution that opened in late February 2000. Services are provided through an in-patient facility and a large, out-patient specialty clinic. The facility's mandate is to provide secondary and tertiary care to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

SKMC is under the direction of the Office of His Excellency Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who oversees a body established by the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to guide improvement in health services within the Emirate. In the recent past, citizens of the UAE often traveled out of country to the UK or the USA for health care. However, with the opening of SKMC, more services and complex care can be provided within the country.

Staff members are recruited internationally. A large proportion of senior staff members come from Canada and other Western nations such as the US, UK, Australia and South Africa. Other countries well represented among our staff include the Philippines, India, and a variety of Middle Eastern nations.

In January 2002, SKMC underwent a process of hospital accreditation. The Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) provided the survey. The standards to measure the care provided within SKMC are the same as those used by the CCHSA to accredit similar Canadian hospitals. We are proud of the fact that SKMC received a three year accreditation award - the highest award given to hospitals.

Programs and Services

SKMC is an acute care hospital with 223 beds presently in operation. Next door to the inpatient facility is a large, multi-disciplinary outpatient clinic, with the primary purpose to provide specialist consultations on a referral basis and to allow ongoing care. Emergency services are provided through a busy department, efficiently designed and staffed by consultants in Emergency Medicine. The equipment is modern and up-to-date and comparable to that of most North American facilities.

Recently, programs in Primary Care (i.e., family practice) and Home Care were initiated on a trial basis.

The Major Departments at SKMC include:

  • Admissions/Registration Information Technology
  • Anesthesia Internal Audit
  • Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Medicine
  • Cardio-Respiratory Materials Management
  • Clinical Dietetics Medical Records
  • Communications Medicine (and its subspecialties)
  • Central Sterile Supply Outpatient Clinic
  • Education Services Nursing
  • Emergency Medicine Pediatrics
  • Environmental Health Pharmacy
  • Facilities Management Public Relations
  • Finance Purchasing
  • Housekeeping Radiology
  • Human Resources Rehabilitation
  • Intensive Care Security
  • Surgery (and its subspecialties)

With in these departments a wide variety of patient services and programs are offered. If you have a field of specialty, ask questions of your recruiter to ensure that the same specialty is practiced at SKMC.

Because the need for staff varies in certain departments (due to vacancies, annual leave, etc.) new staff may need to be reassigned upon arrival. For example; it may be necessary to reassign a nurse who was arriving to work on a medical unit, and place the nurse in the Outpatient Clinic. Every attempt is made to minimize the need for reassignment and to maximize the match between staff members' skills and current vacancies.

Work Life

SKMC is a relatively new organization. Therefore, as a "start up", it is undergoing a great deal of growth and change. It is a dynamic atmosphere and for people who come here from very well established organizations, this work environment can be challenging.

SKMC has a large, multi-cultural workforce with varying levels of responsibility and therefore, varying levels of compensation for positions within the organization. This multi-level staffing system, where compensation is based on one's country of origin is not uncommon in the Middle East. Staff members try to foster harmony in the workplace, among and between the different cultures and backgrounds of SKMC employees.

With a diverse workforce that has different needs, it is often difficult to take a customized approach to best meet those needs. Therefore, in considering whether employment at SKMC is attractive, we encourage you to make up a list of what is most important to you (i.e., the characteristics of a work place and the specific job that you most enjoy).

Dress Code

In recognition of the fact that we work and live in a Muslim country, staff members are asked to adapt to the cultural norms and values of the country. This includes the wearing of appropriate apparel in the workplace.

Male Staff Members

  • No blue jeans
  • No sandals
  • No shorts
  • If not in uniform, a shirt and tie are to be worn at all times.

Female Staff Members

  • No blue jeans
  • Business slacks are acceptable
  • Skirts at mid knee length
  • Sleeves must be at elbow length (mid elbow)
  • Conservative tops
  • No T-shirts
  • Dress Sandals only
  • No shorts

The SKMC hospital dress code is applicable at all times (even when you are off duty and chose to come to the hospital). It also applies to visitors that may accompany you or meet you at the hospital. For those staff that are required to wear a uniform, these are provided and laundered free of charge.

Housing for SKMC Employees

Please note: Employees on a single status contract will be in shared accommodations with other SKMC employees of the same sex.

All SKMC housing is furnished with essential articles. These items might not be to every person's liking or unique tastes, but are certainly adequate. The list below provides a brief description of the furniture, appliances and equipment in the SKMC apartments:

  • Television Cutlery
  • Refrigerator Dishes & Glasses
  • Gas Stove Pots & Pans
  • Washer & Dryer Kettle
  • Sofa & Chairs Toaster

When you arrive, a "Welcome pack" with a few essential items (e.g., toilet paper, tea, juice, fruit, etc.) will be left for you in the apartment. There are nearby stores where you can get additional supplies in the next day or so.

Corniche Towers

This is the complex where the Category I & II staff has their accommodations. Apartments are 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Apartments are allocated on the basis of the employee's contract (i.e. married or single) and the level of their position (e.g. Manager, Director, etc.). Those on single status contract will most likely be in a shared 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. The layout and furnishings of the apartments are acceptable to most staff. Depending on the floor the apartment is on, there are varying levels of day light.

Corniche Towers comprises four individual apartment buildings located between 32nd Street and 30th Street, about ½ a block from the Corniche (a walkway that stretches for several kilometers along the water). The four apartment blocks each have 20 stories. There is a security guard in each block (on a 24 hour basis). A gym with fitness equipment is located in Block B. There are shops, bakeries and cafes nearby as well.

The Al Amri Building

This is the complex where SKMC's Category III staff members are accommodated. It is located along Old Airport Road. The building is a single complex of 15-stories. All flats consist of well furnished 3 bedroom/3-bathroom apartments that are shared between 6 people. Security is provided on a 24-hour basis. Several small grocery stores can be found nearby, one of which is located right, beside the building. It has a variety of goods that can be ordered by phone and delivered to the building.

The Defence Road Building

This is the complex where SKMC's other category III staff are accommodated. It is located very close to Al Wehda Playground. This single, 15-story building and all flats consist of well furnished 2 bedroom/2-bathroom apartments that are shared between 2 people. Security is provided on a 24-hour basis. Around this building are several newly opened shops that sell a variety of goods. As well, nearby there are medical centers and a mosque. Groceries (including phone cards) can be home delivered via telephone in a matter of minutes.


Employees in all SKMC provided housing complexes are responsible for paying utilities (gas, electricity, water, cable for TV), which are deducted from their monthly pay cheque. These amounts are reasonable and are calculated on the basis of the type of apartment (one bedroom, multiple bedrooms) and the type of accommodation (shared accommodation versus single accommodation).

Telephone and computer services

Each SKMC apartment is provided with one phone line that is in the name of Inter-Health Canada Limited. This phone line allows incoming calls and outgoing local calls. If an additional phone line is required or if the employee wishes to get a phone line that will allow them to make long distance calls, it is the responsibility of the employee to arrange and pay for this through the local telephone company, Etisalat.

To make long distance calls you can use a "phone card' which can be widely purchased throughout the city (for 30 AED). The phone card lasts a specific length of time, depending on which part of the world you are calling and the day/time of the week. Unfortunately, there is no warning to indicate that time is up on your phone card, so you can be cut off in mid sentence when talking to friends, and family. In addition to phone cards, employee can also look into purchasing a mobile phone and arranging to make long distance calls on that phone.

For those staff members that have arrived from Canada, there is a service through Bell Canada called Canada World. It allows you to call by using a Bell Calling Card, with long distance calls that will be invoiced to your credit card. For more information on Canada World you can check the following link. A similar type of long distance arrangement may exist with telephone companies in your country or origin. It might be wise to investigate before coming to Abu Dhabi.

Internet services can also be arranged for people with a home computer. The local phone company, Etisalat, also handles these. There is a one-time hook up fee and then a monthly fee based on the amount of Internet time used.

Your Coordinates

There is no home delivery of mail in Abu Dhabi. The most reliable and accessible place to get your mail (due to the hours of operation) is the SKMC mailroom. All employee mail comes in to the SKMC mailroom and is sorted either by department or by employee name. The mailroom also receives parcels, courier and faxes for SKMC staff members.

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