Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)

Sheikh Shakbout Medical City, SSMC, is the latest hospital complex to open under SEHA, a public and independent, Abu Dhabi Health Services joint stock company that owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. ‘SEHA’ is a phonetic rendering of the Arabic word for health. SEHA was established by Emiri Decree No. 10 of 2007 and is a leading participant in the reform of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector. The reform seeks to upgrade and improve healthcare delivery to the public at a level comparable to the finest healthcare systems in the world. The program began by separating management and regulation. SEHA assumed responsibility for public healthcare centers and hospitals, while Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) regulates the public and private sectors. The two organizations replaced the General Authority for Health Services (GAHS), previously responsible for both roles.

SSMC is located in the Al Mafraq area in the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, and occupies over 300,000 square meters. SSMC is considered one of the largest 10 hospitals among the UAE. It is distinctive for providing advanced burn treatment, and considered to be the first center in the UAE to provide such specialty. It also provides medical services in areas such as Orthopedic and Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Services and other high-tech medical services which meet the medical needs of the Emirate, these services include Endocrinology, Head and Neck tumors, Blood, Bones, Rheumatism and Respiratory Diseases as well as Urology and Nephrology, Gastroenterology, and Cardiovascular and others. 

Hospital recruitment capacity can be estimated with an up to 440 Medical staff and 1,800 nursing staff. The hospital has a total of 732 beds, two Presidential Suits and 36 VIP suits. It is to be considered one of the major Medical Facilities specializing in intensive care among the region with several Operation Rooms, Emergency Departments, ICU, Labor and Delivery rooms, as well as, Medical Research Centre. It also consists of advanced wounds treatment center, 18 operation rooms, and a natural and premature birth department. It will be one of the largest ICU specialized medical facilities, and 154 dedicated ICU / NICU beds for all ages.

The distribution of the 732 beds is 364 post-surgical inpatients beds, 120 Maternal and Child health ward beds, 32 Medical ICU beds, 30 VIP beds, 30 Cardiac ICU beds 24 Surgical ICU beds, 20 Medical Burns Unit beds, 26 NICU beds, 18 labor and delivery beds. The Medical City also includes 3 main wards, 2 of which are for males and 1 is dedicated for females.

SSMC will have services dedicated to several specialized surgeries, particularly arteries surgery, burns and shock, chest and lungs, orthopedics and reconstructive surgeries, in addition to general and pediatric surgery, utilizing from highest technology such as robot assisted surgery, endoscopes and catheters for all surgical disciplines.

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