Tawam Hospital

Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Information

Tawam hospital is a Ministry of Health Hospital built in 1979. The hospital started as 227 bed referral/ acute care general hospital serving the national population. Since then it's been uninterrupted growth. In 1993 the Tawam Dental Center opened. By 1997 expansion included a new polyclinic and day surgery. The number of beds increased to around 477.

Today, the Tawam Hospital provides a major portion of the medical services for the United Arab Emirates through a full range of diagnostic and management facilities for patients ranging in age from the neonate to the elderly. The hospital is the referral center for Oncology, neurosurgery and paediatric surgery. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Emirates University. Tawam Hospital has an excellent reputation, both in the Middle East and in the West for the quality of patient care provided, and for the research papers published in most reputable journals.

The staff of Tawam Hospital come from many parts of the world.

Employment contracts are for one or two years and often renewable.

The standard work week is 48 hours. The number of hours in a shift vary somewhat from department to department. The standard work week is Saturday through Thursday ( till 13:00 hrs ).

Support services normally work from 08:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. Depending upon their specific work areas, technical employees may work the same hours, or from 07:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs.

The Nursing Department operates on a 12 hour shift system. Nursing personnel are expected to rotate between day and night shifts. For those who qualify, overtime is paid for time worked in excess of 48 hours per week.

Location and Size

Tawam Hospital is considered one of the advanced medical centers in the Middle East. Located 14 Kilometers from the center of Al Ain, the hospital is approximately 100 miles from the coastal cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It's easily accessible to the general population as well as to accident victims.

The services of the 477 bed Center are at a high level of professional standards. The administration requires that the quality of services rendered and the general operating standards of the center meet the standards of European and North American hospitals.

In addition to providing excellent care for patients, Tawam Hospital trains appropriately educated nationals for administrative, professional and technical positions. There are continuing education programs and specific training programs for nationals in various technologies.

Medical Services

The hospital project contains facilities for a full range of acute, tertiary, secondary and primary patient care services for both inpatients and outpatients.

Tawam Hospital has the following clinical units: OR/RR, Intravenous Therapy, Male/Female Units, Royal/VIP, Medical Units, Oncology, Specialty Clinics, Paediatrics Medical & Surgical, Dialysis, Emergency Room, ICU/CCU, Outpatients Department, Community Health, NICU and Maternity.

This hospital complex also incorporates an MRI and ESWL/Lithotrypsy Unit and Radiotherapy unit. There is a new polyclinic and day surgery. The Nursing Service has its own management structure under the Director of Nursing.

Recreation Services for Employees

The recreation office, swimming pool and Center are located in the Female Compound and provide facilities for all Tawam employees and their dependants. Open daily from 7:00 hrs till 22:00 hrs.

The center incorporates games rooms, "Revels" where there are facilities for table teens, pool, darts, board games etc. Exercise/Dance Room, Snooker Room, Weight & Conditioning Room, TV/Video Room Etc.

A new recreation center is also currently being completed which will offer superb facilities. It is in the final stages of completion. Facilities will include: Swimming Pool, Gym, Video Library, Aerobics Rooms, Games Room & Restaurant. In addition to "in-house" events , the Department arranges for other activities taking place in and around Al-Ain.

Al-Ain, Abu Dabi and Dubai are interesting, bustling places. There are shopping centers and malls offering a good selection of goods at very affordable prices. Hotels offer excellence in both services and in their first class restaurants, most of which hold outdoor barbecues or brunch on Fridays.


A free bus service is provided to transport employees to and from the airport on commencement and completion of their contracts with Tawam Hospital.

There is a free bus service for all hospital employees every half hour to Al Ain from 6:30 hrs until midnight.

A free hospital service runs to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Shaijah.



Free air-conditioned furnished, prefab type, accommodation is provided by the hospital. Single females are required to live on the hospital compound and are accommodated in a single or double prefabricated unit. The single unit consists of approximately 500 sq. feet of living space including livingldining area, kitchen, shower and bedroom. Cooking utensils, ware, cutlery, ironing board, one set of sheets, towels and blanket are provided. Employees may be required to share accommodation, All utilities are provided and repairs are carried out free of charge.


Single male staff are usually accommodated in furnished air-conditioned apartments in and around the town of Al Am.


Family units are also available both on the hospital compound or at nearby locations for candidates on a married status contract.

Contracts and Benefits Schedule

You will be eligible for accompanied/ unaccompanied status contract and will receive the following benefits.

  • Contract, one year and often renewable.
  • Air transport, economy class, from point-of-hire to Abu Dhabi for initial mobilization and air transport from Abu Dhabi to point-of-hire at end of contract.
  • End of contract entitlements (Bonus) consisting of one month salary for each year worked.
  • Ticketing, a return ticket to point-of-hire once a year.
  • Vacation, Up to grade level 4 (Senior Staff Nurse) 45 days + 12 days public holiday. Grade 4+, 50 days + 12 days public holidays.
  • Housing, including utilities, appliances, linens, etc. provided.
  • Uniforms, provided.
  • Transportation, from hospital to housing and back and shopping trips, including trips to Abu Dhabi, Dubai,Shargah, provided.
  • Medical care and dental care provided free at the hospital.
  • Access to subsidized meals in Hospital project cafeterias.
  • Emergency Leave, available.
  • Salary paid in local currency by end of each Gregorian month.
  • This income is Take Home pay since there are No Taxes in UAE.

For Canadian tax you need to establish a "Non-Resident Status". To qualify, generally, you should be leaving with the intention of being away for 2 years during which you need to sever primary ties with Canada. Please, contact Revenue Canada for further tax information. There is a form (Determination of Residency Status (Leaving Canada) you may want to complete to learn your residency status for Canadian tax purposes before you leave. Call. 1-800- 267-5177.

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