Career Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

The newly established Khalifa University of Science and Technology combines the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI), Khalifa University of Sciences, Technology and Research (KUSTAR), and the Petroleum Institute (PI) into one world-class, research-intensive institution, seamlessly integrating research and education to produce world leaders and critical thinkers. This merger was intended to consolidate the resources and infrastructure of three of the most respected academic institutions in the UAE and the Middle East. The resulting unified University reinforces Abu Dhabi’s and the UAE’s commitment to pursuing the development of world-class research and human capital initiatives.

KU is an independent entity with its own Board of Trustees that is accountable to the Government of Abu Dhabi for its charter. 

See below the recent career opportunities at Khalifa University:

Assistant Dean - Clinical Skills and Stimulation Training  

Assistant Dean - Faculty Affairs

Assistant Dean - Falcon Learning Communities    

Assistant Dean - Medical Education                                             

Course Director - Human Anatomy, Embryology and Histology   

Course Director - Immunology and Physiology                             

Office of Medical Education - Coordinator, Period 1

Office of Medical Education - Coordinator, Period 2

Office of Medical Education - Coordinator, Academic Support and Tutoring

Office of Medical Education - Coordinator, Proctoring

Office of Medical Education – Manager, Computer Based Testing Center

Course Coordinator – Clinical Skills I

Simulation Specialist

Senior Lab Instructor - Anatomy Labs

Lab Instructor – Anatomy Dry Labs

Lab Instructor – Anatomy Wet Labs

Specialist – Environmental Health and Safety

Lab Instructor – Pathology

Coordinator – Research and Technology

Manager – Recruitment and Admissions

Manager – Student Activities and Events

Manager – Career Guidance and Alumni Services

For a Complete List of Positions See Here

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