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A married Grade 14 employee will be offered a married status contract. The Hospital extends certain benefits to eligible dependents who are sponsored for residence in Riyadh, provided that one of the dependents is the employee's spouse.

A Grade 14 employee may have a maximum of five eligible dependents (spouse and 4 unmarried children under 19 years of age). This may include children studying abroad.

Residence Requirements: In order to qualify as an eligible resident dependent, an eligible dependent must reside in the Kingdom for at least 240 days within each service  year. If the employee's spouse fails to meet the residency requirement, the employee will lose the benefits offered with married status contract.

  • Attractive Tax-Free Income: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center - Salary Scale
  • Initial Hire Transportation: One-way initial hire business class airline tickets with routing Point of Origin to Riyadh for employee and eligible dependents. 
  • Housing Assistance: Suitable furnished accommodation will be provided, or housing allowance (currently SR40,020/year) is normally paid monthly @ SR 3,335/month. An employee who is receiving housing allowance is paid a local transportation allowance of SRI,200 per month to defray all or portion of expenses associated with personal transportation.
  • Initial Contract: The initial employment agreement will be for a period of 24 consecutive months and will be renewed thereafter upon mutual agreement by the Hospital and the employee.
  • Year-End Bonus equivalent to one (1) month basic salary is given at the completion of second year contract and every year thereafter.
  • Overtime Work: Employees may be requested to perform work in excess of the normal work schedule. Any work in excess of the normal work schedule performed by employees eligible for overtime compensation equivalent to 25% - 30% of the basic salary, must be approved, in advance, by the appropriate delegated Department Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.


Annual Leave Days (36 days/service year). All employees accrue annual leave at the rate of 3 calendar days for each month of service. An employee will be eligible to take accrued annual leave anytime within the service year, including the first year. The Annual Leave Transportation (Business Class

Round Trip Ticket, with routing Riyadh-Point of Origin-Riyadh) for self and eligible dependents will be provided as follows:

  • Employee on one-year contract will be entitled to annual leave ticket only if s/he signs a subsequent contract. Otherwise s/he will be  provided with repatriation ticket only.
  • Employee on two-year contract may utilize annual leave ticket upon  completion of nine months from the beginning of the said service year. In this case, if the employee resigns before the completion of contract, he will reimburse the cost of such ticket to the Hospital.
  • Employee on two-year contract will be entitled to annual leave ticket for the second service year upon completing nine months from the beginning of the said service year if he signs a subsequent contract.
  • No ticket shall be issued before accrual as stated above.

Official Holidays

  • Ramadan Days (7 days/service year). Starts 28 Ramadan and continues for 7 calendar days.
  • Haj Days (10 davslservice year). Starts 05 Dhu Al Hijjah and continues for 10 calendar days.
  • National Day (1 day)


  • Professional Leave Days: One professional leave to attend a major recognized medical, scientific and/or professional meeting will be granted after the 1st service year, providing the employee's overall performance evaluation rating is 4 out of 5, or equivalent during the 1st year without written warning on the employee's record. A professional leave allowance will be provided to defray airline and other transportation costs, registration and other required fees, living expenses and all other costs associated with attending the meeting. The amount and maximum number of days is dependent on the location of the meeting. The professional leave allowance will be paid as advance payment prior to departure.
Location Professional Leave Allowance   Leave Days
North America                                       SR 25,000 No. of meetings days plus 4 days travel time up to a maximum of 10 days
Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand
Japan or other comparable distance
SR 20,000 No. of meeting days plus 2 days travel time up to a maximum of 9 days

  • Exceptional (Additional) Professional Leave: In situations where a consultant is formally invited to participate in a major scientific international meeting in a significant role, the consultant may be granted an additional professional leave days for a maximum of seven (7) days inclusive of meeting and travel time. No leave allowance will be paid in conjunction with this leave.
  • Emergency (Compassionate) Leave: In the event of the death of an employee's natural parent, spouse or child, the employee will be entitled to three days leave with pay. For an expatriate employee or expatriate  dependent employee who maybe required to travel to the home country, the leave with pay is seven (7) days and the employee will be provided with round-trip economy class ticket to the employee's point of origin. Acceptable documentary evidence should be furnished when application is made. In the absence of full documentation, employee will be required to purchase airfare and get reimbursed when full evidence is furnished immediately upon return.
  • Maternity Leave: A female expatriate primary employee on married status contract will be entitled to maternity leave after the first contract year at one-half pay in conjunction with the birth of two children. This leave will not exceed 70 days.
  • Paternity Leave: A male employee will be entitled to one day leave with pay, to be taken within 3 days from the time of birth of his child.
  • Marriage Leave: An employee will be entitled to a 3-day leave with pay on the occasion of the employee's marriage and must be utilized within one year of the marriage contract for Muslims and on the occasion of the marriage ceremony for non-Muslims.


Basic medical care, including drugs and medications associated with such treatment, would be provided to all employees and eligible dependents. Emergency dental care will be provided for employees as stipulated in their employment contract.

The Hospital is not responsible for the cost of medical or dental treatment not performed by the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.


Education assistance will be provided for all eligible children (up to 4 children, less than 19 years old). This may begin for a school year during which the dependent reaches age 4 and continue through the school year during which the child reaches age 19, or completes grade 12 whichever comes first. The child must be attending school at the primary level, including kindergarten, through preparatory or high school to the pre-university level.

  • For children attending schools in Saudi Arabia: the Hospital will absorb the education expenses, i.e., tuition, books, transportation, etc, up to a maximum of SR22,OOO per child per school year. In addition, the Hospital will absorb the cost of registration fees up to a maximum of SR5,000 during the time a child is attending school in Saudi Arabia.
  • For children attending schools outside of Saudi Arabia: an annual education allowance, based on the school year, will be paid to assist in defraying the costs of tuition, board, and other education expenses, and covers all travel and any other related dependent benefits. This allowance is in the amount of SR42,000 (from North America) / SR27,OOO (Others).
  • Payment: Educational assistance for children attending schools in Saudi Arabia is paid in two equal parts: first payment is on September 1, and the second payment is on January 15. New hires with an effective date of employment prior to 1 October are eligible for Payment 1 of the education allowance. New hires with an effective date of employment between 1 October and 29 February are eligible for  Payment 2. Please note that for children attending schools abroad, the cost of transportation is covered by the educational assistance, and are therefore not entitled to annual leave tickets.


The employee must inform the Hospital at least sixty calendar days prior to the effective date of the proposed termination. A resignation prior to the 240th day of the employee's service year will be subject to a penalty equivalent to 15 days severance benefits.


The Hospital will provide transportation from Riyadh/Jeddah to the employee's point of origin, (Business Class round trip ticket) for self and eligible dependents as appropriate at the time of termination.


The length of employment will determine the benefits payable to the employee. Regular  employee shall be entitled to severance benefit up to 15 days for the first 4 years of continuous service, and 30 days for each subsequent year of continuous service

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