King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center


KFSH&RC ranks number 1 in the region, it is the flagship of hospitals in the country and the jewel of the healthcare crown with impressive achievements and have no doubt KFSH&RC in Madinah, will follow in the footsteps of the 2 elder sister hospitals.

We offer you a new challenge and to be part of the healthcare future in the region and in Saudi Arabia in particular. You will have the opportunity, to leave your mark on the local community.

In addition to the usual standard benefits package, one of the best in the region, we offer a Tax Free income in the range of US $15,000 to US $20,000 (take home) per month (depending on qualifications, experience, specialty and etc.)

Trying to compare, please see below:

Salary Analysis

Working Conditions USA/Canada                                 Middle East
Vacation Time (calendar days)                                        21 54 days
Working hours (average) 60 hrs 44  hrs
Sub Total Less quality/Family time More quality/Family time

Income (Average annual)      USA/Canada                                 Middle East
Salary           $350,000  $204,000 (average)
End of Contract Bonus                                                   00.00 $17,000 (4 weeks’ pay)
Annual Vacation (Airfare)   00.00 $30,000 (value: 6 individuals)
Children Education 00.00 $24,533 
Sub Total (Income) $350,000 $275,533

Expenses (Average Annual) USA/Canada                                 Middle East
Federal Tax (32%) (-$16K/401K) $106,880 $33,024
(on $103,200K; $100,800 tax exclusion for year 2015)   
State tax (7%) (-$16K/401K) $23,380 $00.00
Housing: Mortgage, Tax, Insurance $48,000 $00.00
($4,000 /mox12)
Transportation: lease, insurance, petrol ($500x12) $6,000 $00.00
Utilities ($300 per month x12)  $3,600 $00.00
Family Medical Insurance $12,000 $00.00
Liability insurance  $20,000 $00.00
Living expense (grocery, etc) $35,000 $20,400
Annual Vacation (Airfare) $8,000 $00.00
Children education  $25,000 $39,500
Sub Total (Expense)
Package average savings
$62,140 + Less Family Time
$203,009 + More Family Time 

*This is a sample to give you an idea when comparing offers

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