Nursing Jobs in Qatar

Will a nurses vacancy in Qatar be the career opportunity you are looking for?

Nursing Jobs in Qatar

Located on the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is a welcoming, affluent country that offers excellent job opportunities for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Nursing jobs in Qatar are available in both the provide sector, as well as the national healthcare system. Currently there is a shortage of nursing staff, so the time could not be better if you are looking for a nursing position in Qatar.

Qatari healthcare services are renowned worldwide for high standards. The current National Health Strategy (NHS) program being implemented aims to further improve healthcare for all members of the public. Most hospitals are fitted out with the most advanced medical equipment and technology.

For most nursing jobs in Qatar, English is the normal everyday working language.  However, if you can speak Arabic, more nursing job opportunities can be found in the mental health and paediatric fields.

Typical nursing position in Qatar will require you to work Sunday through to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as your weekend.  There are some great job packages available, so please check out the Careers section of this website to see the latest nursing jobs in Qatar, and what benefits are to be had. 

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