Physicians are salaried and paid a salary by the end of each month. Generally, this will vary by qualifications, years of experience and other skills of the physician.

Working Conditions USA/Canada UAE
Vacation Time (calendar days)                                 21 days 42 days
Working hours (average) 60 hrs/week 40 hrs /week
Sub Total Less quality/Family time    More quality/Family time

Income                                                                 USA/Canada                        UAE
Salary  $500,000  $400,000

End of Service Bonus                                          USA/Canada                        UAE
(additional income) $00.00 $16,340* (1 month base salary, end of contract)

Housing Allowance                                              USA/Canada                        UAE
$00.00  $65,000 per year

Expenses USA/Canada                       UAE
Federal Tax $150,272 $78,992 (on $299,200; $100,800 tax exclusion for 2015)
State tax (7%), average $35,000 $00.00
Housing Expense ($4,000 per month x 12)              $48,000 $65,000
Utilities ($300 per month x12) $3,600 $3,600
Family Medical Insurance $12,000 included
Liability insurance $20,000 included
Living expense at 10% (grocery, etc) $50,000 $40,000
Sub Total (Expense) $318,872  $187,592

Package average savings             




$277,408 + $16,340* & More Family time

*This is a sample to give you an idea when comparing offers


A) Contract Type

A married (accompanied) status contract and would be offered to bring along family. SEHA will provide benefits coverage for physician, spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 18 years old. 

B) Initial Hire Benefits

  • Initial Hire Transportation: One-way initial hire business class airline tickets from Point of Origin for employee and eligible dependents

  • Housing: Up to AED 240,000 per year if based in Abu-Dhabi and up to AED 210,000 if based in Al-Ain City.

  • End of Service Indemnity: Four (4) week base salary pay for each year of service completed

  • End of contract Transportation: One-way business class airline tickets from Abu-Dhabi to Point of Origin for physician and eligible dependents

C) Working Hours

  • Forty hours per week

D) Annual Leaves, Holidays and Other leaves

  • Forty Two (42) calendar days annual paid vacation

  • Official Holidays (5-10 days): Depending on how these days fall in the calendar over a weekend

  • Emergency (Compassionate) Leave: In the event of the death of an employee’s natural parent, spouse of child, the employee will be entitled to three days leave with pay. For an expatriate employee or expatriate dependent employee who may be required to travel to the home country, the leave with pay is seven (7) days and the employee will be provided with round-trip economy class ticket to the employee’s point of origin. Acceptable documentary evidence should be furnished when application is made. In the absence of full documentation, employee will be required to purchase airfare and be reimbursed when full evidence is furnished immediately upon return.

E) Health Care Insurance

  • Provided for self and eligible dependents

F) Malpractice Coverage

Provided under Abu-Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) plan

G) Income Package

For the successful candidate the pay will be on the higher end of the scale, salaries below are for indicative purposes only and may vary from candidate to candidate depending on experience, extra qualifications and etc:  

  • Monthly Base Salary  

AED 45K – AED 60K..........

  This is: US $12,260 – US $16,340

  • Monthly Market Allowance     

AED 60K+..........................

  This is: US $16,340+

  • Monthly Supplement 

AED 11K............................

  This is: US $3,000

TOTAL Package range is US $316,000 – US $400,000 take home annual income, in addition to US $57,000 – US $65,000 housing allowance

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