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  • Assistant Director - Health Information ManagementHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Assistant Director of Health Information Management assists in achieving the goals and objectives established for the health information management department by promoting and coordinating medical records functions and maintaining the established policies and procedures within the mission and objectives of the organization. The incumbent also is responsible to support and facilitate the quality improvement efforts within the department and adhere to and support the compliance to the relevant accreditation standards.Read MoreApply Now
  • Assistant Executive Director of Patient SafetyHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Assistant Executive Director, Patient Safety in conjunction with Executive Director Quality and Safety is responsible for planning, coordinating and facilitating Patient Safety programs across all HMC entities.Read MoreApply Now
  • Assistant Executive Director Quality ImprovementHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Assistant Executive Director, Quality Improvement in conjunction with Executive Director, is responsible for planning, coordinating, and facilitating Quality Improvement programs and across Corporate HMC and Healthcare entities.Read MoreApply Now
  • Chief Technologist - AnesthesiaHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Anesthesia Chief Technologist is responsible for all Anesthesia technical issues within the anesthesia unit, and assumes all the duties requested by their superior at any time and at any facility of the Department of Anesthesiolgy.Read MoreApply Now
  • Child and Adolescent Psychologist (Masters)Sidra Medicine | Doha | QatarThe Psychologist - Child and Adolescent (Master’s) is responsible for providing specialist psychological assessments and interventions for children and adolescents (C&A) patients. The incumbent is responsible for evaluating complex psychological data and formulating/ implementing a formal psychological treatment plan for the patients. The incumbent is also responsible for providing specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other professionals contributing directly to the patient’s treatment plan.Read MoreApply Now
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