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  • Clinical PharmacistHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe main responsibilities of the job holder are to provide clinical pharmacy services, including advising health care providers on matters pertaining to drug selection while assessing for optimal drug therapy, dosage regimen, effective administration and drug therapy monitoring; and participate in the development and delivery of continuing education programs for pharmacy, patient care services, medical staff and students. They may also be providing non-clinical pharmacy services in another part of the pharmacy service [Patient / Technical or Quality Assurance (P/T/QA) service].Read MoreApply Now
  • Clinical Pharmacy SpecialistHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe job-holder is providing clinical pharmacy services for the majority of their normal working hours. They provide clinical pharmacy input on a day to day basis to a medical or surgical sub-specialty or an ICU. Their experience, skills and knowledge will make them a source of expertise in pharmacotherapy. The job-holder will consistently work to an advanced level, exceeding the performance expected of a clinical pharmacist in all their workRead MoreApply Now
  • Clinical Program ManagerHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarThe Clinical Program Manager, together with Director of the Clinical Program is responsible for developing and managing the specific clinical program which will improve HMC performance impacting upon innovation & development, service transformation & improvement, and strategic enhancements delivering sustained longer term improvements that are based on HMC strategies and objectives. Responsible to Lead and manage the specific clinical program adapting to situations requiring a significant degree of evaluative judgment for problem solving within broadly defined policies, principles, and leadership direction with diverse healthcare stakeholders across the care delivery system.Read MoreApply Now
  • Clinical PsychologistHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarUnder general supervision, provides psychological assessment, diagnosis and individual, group and family therapy. Case management services, referral and follow-up to acute, chronic or moderately disturbed ill clients and/or patients.Read MoreApply Now
  • Clinical ScientistHamad Medical Corporation | Doha | QatarWith the Mission, Vision and Values of HMC -participate in the performance, supervision and development of laboratory tests in the concerned section in addition to taking part in applied scientific research.Read MoreApply Now
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