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Accreditation Coordinator

Ministry of Public Health (Formerly Supreme Council of Health) - State of Qatar
Doha, Qatar


  • Provide a full range of administrative and professional services specific for QCHP-AD.

  • Organizing and coordinating the QCHP-AD events and activities.

  • Preparing and regularly updating the statistical data of QCHP-AD activities.

  • Preparation of QCHP-AD official circulars and communications in line with the policies and procedures of the department.

  • Preparing reports and press releases related to QCHP-AD events and activities and disseminating them in various media and social media portals.

  • Preparation of special memoranda of understanding between the accreditation department and the relevant international bodies.

  • Review applications submitted by eligible organizations for accreditation as providers of medical education and continuing professional development (CPD providers).

  • Conduct site visits to providers of medical education and continuing professional development.

  • Preparation of accreditation reports for CPD providers, including recommendations on the degree to which CPD providers comply with the National CME/CPD Accreditation System standards and submit them to the CPD Accreditation Committee.

  • Receive applications for re-accreditation of CPD providers on specified times and conduct a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that they comply with the National CME/CPD Accreditation System standards.

  • Review applications for accreditation of CPD activities submitted by eligible organizations.

  • Prepare reports of the accreditation of CPD activities.

  • Audit the accredited CPD activities on live and retroactively.

  • Provide technical and logistical support to QCHP-AD accredited CPD providers.

  • Respond to healthcare practitioners’ inquiries and provide them with technical support concerning the National CME/CPD Accreditation System and the CPD e-portfolio.

  • Audit the CPD activities recorded by healthcare practitioners in their CPD e-portfolio.

Qualifications/Education Required:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Medical Sciences (Medicine / Dentistry / Nursing / Pharmacy / Allied Health)

  • Priority for a postgraduate degree in any relevant discipline

Experience Required: 

Three years experience preferably in the academic field, healthcare, training, education and accreditation

Technical Competencies Required:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet etc)

  • Written and oral communication skills

  • Project management skills

  • Office operations management skills

  • Maintaining records skills

  • Reports writing skills (English and Arabic)

  • English Oral Fluency Required, Arabic Oral Skills Preferred


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