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Assistant - Special Projects/Practice Development (Wound Care/Tissue Viability Specialist)

Security Forces Hospital
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Under the guidance and direction of the Coordinator for Special Projects - Practice Development/Assistant Director of Nursing

  • To plan, coordinate and initiate development, improvement and innovation in nursing service delivery, in order to attain high-quality, cost-effective client care.

  • Utilizing a robust evidence base and research findings; to initiate and monitor the implementation of new service lines and extended nursing roles.

  • To champion developments and improvement in existing policies and procedures within the Security Forces Hospital Program.

  • To ensure good stewardship and appropriate utilization of available resources.

  • To plan, organize, and maintain consistent quality care for patients with wounds.


Participates in the development and implementation of the Hospital's philosophy, goals, objectives, management strategies, policies and procedures.

Under the guidance and direction of the Coordinator for Special Projects-Practice Development/Assistant Director of Nursing, acts as a catalyst for change.

Facilitates the delivery of an inclusive Nursing Practice development strategy that updates nursing staff at every level; emphasizing the need for better

communication with patients, evidence to support practice, plus management and leadership skills to effectively support the service.

Assists in the development, implementation and evaluation of staffing-related plans/programs for the Department of Nursing.

Nurtures and facilitates a professional working environment.

Assists with the development and review of Department of Nursing policies, procedures and standards of care, which emphasize communication and care and serve to guide nursing practices.

Under the direction of the Coordinator for Special Projects - Practice Development/Assistant Director of Nursing, promotes and participates, when necessary, in studies and research to assess nursing practices and nursing care.

Maintains a positive professional image being highly visible and accessible to all grades of staff.

Maintains compliance with current rules and regulations affecting Hospital accreditation/certification and contracts.

Assists in coordinating the activities of the Department of Nursing with those of other hospital departments.

  • Works with the multidisciplinary team to meet the total needs of the patient.

  • As directed by the Coordinator for Special Projects-Practice Development!Assistant Director of Nursing, works with individuals and groups to attain service and educational objectives in both existing and planned facilities.

  • Works with the Utilization Committee, as required, in its effort to generate greater efficiency within the Hospital, focusing in particular on the reduction of administrative and bureaucratic practices that are costly and add no value.

Follows correct communication channels established by the department.

Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural and religious beliefs through a caring, respectful attitude, presentation and delivery.

Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills using recognized medical terminology.

Promotes positive working relationships within the health care team.

Demonstrates effective time management and priority setting skills in daily nursing care.

Uses supplies and resources in a cost-effective manner.

Responsible and accountable for the delivery of patient care through the utilization of the nursing process in accordance with physician's orders, established policies, procedures, and protocols, established professional standards and administrative hospital-wide policies.

Complies with the standards laid down by the Approved National and International Accreditation Agencies.

Reports any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service of patients, employees or visitors and situations which put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm.

Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.

Specific Qualifications/Competencies - (Wound Care):

The ability to:

  • Manage multiple priorities

  • Utilize principles of current wound management theory in providing care to patients with acute and chronic wounds.

  • Distinguish between factors which enhance or impede the wound healing process.

  • Incorporate knowledge of anatomy and patho-physiology into wound management practice.

  • Demonstrate skill in the delivery of acute/chronic wound care.

  • Develop skin care programs to prevent skin breakdown.

  • Design protocols to manage patients with stoma, draining wounds, fistulae and/or tubes.

  • Integrate relevant knowledge from other disciplines for the provision of comprehensive wound care.

  • Integrate principles of human development and adult learning in patient, family and staff education.

  • Provide wound management consultation/advice to medical and nursing staff.

  • Develop strategies for implementation of the wound care nurse role.

  • Integrate research findings into clinical practice.

  • Identify responsibilities for professional leadership, professional development and community involvement.

  • Assess the impact of legal and ethical issues on wound care nursing practice.

  • Collaborate with other members of the health care team to implement a continuum of care for the wound/stoma care patient.

Areas of Instruction: (Wound Care) - include but are not limited to: 

  • Normal structure and function of the skin.

  • Factors contributing to skin breakdown.

  • Physiology of wound healing.

  • Factors which inhibit/enhance wound healing.

  • Wound assessment - measuring - staging.

  • Prevention of skin breakdown and risk assessment.

  • Selection and utilization of support surfaces for pressure redistribution.

  • Nursing management/intervention - appropriate selection and utilization of topical therapy.

  • Debridement: autolytic, enzymatic, mechanical, surgical, biologic & conservative, instrumental.

  • Basic foot and nail care.

  • Noninvasive assessment of lower extremity perfusion using Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)

  • Differential assessment and management of venous, arterial, & neuropathic/diabetic ulcers.

  • Selection and application of compression therapy.

  • Other modalities of treatment: surgical intervention, hyperbaric oxygen, growth factors, electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, topical negative pressure, skin equivalents, etc.

  • Care of draining wounds/fistulae.

  • Drain/tube care and management.

  • Nutritional/hydration factors.

  • Infection control principles.

  • Management of patients with special wound care needs: burns, oncology, necrotizing fasciitis, etc.

  • Patient and family education/counseling.

  • Human development and teaching/learning principles.

Professional Responsibilities - (Wound Care):

  • Maintain contemporary knowledge

  • Deliver quality service to meet or exceed national and international standards

  • Contribute to the research agenda and the body of nursing knowledge

  • Timely and accurate Record keeping

  • Coordination of services - multidisciplinary team approach

  • Foster continuity of care across the continuum

  • Act as Change agent

  • Effectively manage conflict

  • Therapeutic communication

Education/Qualifications Required: 


Registered Nurse and Current License 

Post Registration Clinical Qualification 

Relevant 1st Degree 

Valid Registration in Saudi Council 

Management Education 

Professional and Political Issues in Nursing 


Accreditation Models 

Middle Eastern Culture and Values

Experience Required:

Minimum of 5 years recent, relevant acute hospital Nursing experience.

Other Skills:

Excellent written and verbal English Communication skills

Computer Literate


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