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Assistant Director - Surgical Services

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Strategic and Operational Management

  • Participates in nursing services strategic and operational management. In coordination with the Associate Administrator, Nursing Services and the Medical Director, identifies immediate and long-range objective for surgical services. Assists surgical services unit manager to prepare objectives, operational plans and strategies for implementation

  • Coordinates budget and manpower planning, activity levels and capital equipment planning for surgical services.

  • Directs management of surgical through unit manager; ensures implementation of nursing service-wide programs within surgical services; maintains a hospital-wide perspective in planning and management of surgical services.

  • Ensures the coordination of nursing services and surgical services through continuous collaboration between the Assistant Administrator, Nursing Services and Manager, Surgical Services

  • Facilitates the employment, training and development of Saudi nationals; actively mentors/coaches Saudi staff to develop career paths, and extend skills

Management of Staff and Resources

  • Monitors operational budgets for surgical service areas; sets priorities and coordinates effective and efficient use of resources across all areas

  • Makes recommendations for capital equipment purchase; assists in the preparation of MOH files for capital equipment acquisition; coordinates with Materials Management regarding evaluation of supplies and resolution of issues

  • Analyzes surgeon utilization patterns and makes recommendations to the Chief OPD/Medial Director for efficient and effective utilization of operating room resources. Analyses resources utilization patterns and modifies practices/procedures for efficient and effectiveness

  • Coordinates the interview/selection process for nursing management positions within the area; ensures completion of orientation and competency assessment programs for nursing management and scheduling staff

  • Reviews all surgical services applications; ensures recommended candidates meet KKESH criteria; makes recommendation to AANS for candidate selection and placement; ensures nursing services recruitment/selecting personnel procedures are in accordance with hospital Policy and Procedure

  • Continually evaluates area management staff, completes the PDPAs, provides effective and timely feedback; identifies staff performance issues; utilizes staff development plans; ensures continuing professional and personal development of nursing area managers.

  • Provides direction/support to surgical services unit manager in managing staff performance; reviews all performance appraisals for timeliness and completeness; ensures PDPAs are regularly reviews, updated and reflect current job responsibilities

  • Demonstrates equity and fairness in managing staff issues; ensures consistency of approach in management throughout surgical services; advises area managers/implements corrective action in accordance with hospital Policy and Procedure.

  • Demonstrate effective priority setting, time management and decision making skills in the management of staff and recourses; ensures staffing schedules maintain skills mix and competency levels across surgical services; implements plans to address periods of staffing and skills mix deficiency

  • Performs all duties in a professional, effective and confidential manner. Performs all other duties as required or assigned.

Management of Patient Care

  • Directs and monitors the standards and delivery of patient care across all surgical services areas; ensures policies, procedures and standards are current, consistently applied and in accordance with JCIA standards; evaluates the standard of care and patient outcomes

  • Demonstrates current clinical knowledge; acts as a resource in clinical and management practice for all levels of the surgical services team; provides direction and support to unit manager for clinical and management issues

  • Investigates areas of concern and makes recommendations for improvement; notifies AANS of management and clinical practice issues, areas of concern and action taken

  • Is visible within the surgical services area; liaises with senior medical staff and anesthesia to ensure coordination of surgical services. Addresses and resolves practice issues raised by medical and nursing staff within the surgical suite

  • Implements management systems that promote decentralized decision making, support professional development and effective communication

  • Upholds the standards of the International Council of Nurses – Code of Ethics; assists/provides advice to all levels of nursing to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas; seeks advice from senior administrative, social services or religious awareness team in dealing with complex ethical and cultural issues

Performance Improvement

  • Participates in hospital-wide and nursing services performance improvement activities; promotes the application of quality management strategies throughout surgical services utilizes quality improvement techniques to evaluate and resolve system issues

  • Initiates performance improvement projects according to identified areas for improvement; utilizes feedback to improve the quality of surgical services

  • Ensures policies, procedures and systems are in compliance with JCIA and the hospital performance improvement program; participates in JCIA mock surveys; establishes and monitors surgical services wide performance indicators

  • Promotes and initiates nursing research projects/data collection activities; initiates changes to practice based on evidence based research; encourages staff to continually update knowledge of current nursing research and practice

Environmental Safety

  • Demonstrates understanding of environmental safety. Maintenance, infection control standards and related policies and procedures. Demonstrates familiarity with the hospital’s Environment of Care (EOC) program including fire and general safety procedures

  • Applies infection control standards in practice; maintains a clean and safe environment of care. Completes daily environmental monitoring as assigned to ensure that standards are met.

  • Takes appropriate actions to ensure compliance with Environment of Care (EOC) requirements

  • Monitors environmental safety for staff patients and visitors on continuous basis; reviews EOC reports and ensures compliance with EOC requirements; takes immediate action to address safety concerns; reports significate safety and security issues to senior hospital administration

Leadership Skills

  • Performs duties with minimal supervision; accepts accountability for decisions and actions. Accepts the responsibilities of higher position if assigned

  • Maintains confidentiality of patient and hospital information

  • Functions as a role model to all levels of staff; acts as a preceptor/resource for new employees and staff to the department

  • Make suggestions for change and process improvement. Participates in staff meetings, and quality management activities

  • Demonstrates effective and efficient use of hospital equipment, supplies and resources

  • Evaluates and initiates change in nursing practice, staff development and quality management activities, ensures Nursing Services Staff Development Unit resources are used as a resource for practice review and staff development; participates in teaching/coaching of staff and students in the area of nursing administration, operating room management

  • Motivates staff through clear direction, positive interpersonal relationships and respect of staff; provides leadership and mentorship to unit manager

  • Takes a leadership role within the nursing management team, serves on hospital-wide and nursing services committees; chairs committees or teams as assigned

  • Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Demonstrates a positive approach to professional interpersonal relationships; maintains effective relationships with all levels of staff. Resolves conflicts in a constructive manner

  • Functions effectively as a team member; takes responsibility for and completed assigned duties. Makes suggestions for improving the team’s productivity. Helps the team resolve difference of opinion; implements changes the team has agreed to make

  • Uses communication channels appropriately; follows the chain of command discussing issues with the immediate supervisor first. Communicates in a clear, accurate and timely manner

  • Gives and receives feedback in a positive manner, responsive to feedback by colleagues and supervisors; seeks understanding of all viewpoints

  • Ensures the working environment throughout surgical services is conductive to effective communication, harmony and constructive resolution of problems/conflicts; ensures resolution of conflicts between surgical service staff, physicians and the multidisciplinary team. Ensures systems within surgical services support timely and accurate communication of information; ensures regular staff meetings are held in all areas

  • Ensures systems within surgical services support timely and accurate communication of information; ensures regular staff meetings are held in all areas

  • Collects, analyses and reports data on a monthly basis; submits reports that are well organized comprehensive and concise.

Professional Conduct

  • Demonstrates and understanding of cultural difference among patients, visitors and colleagues; demonstrates tolerance and sensitivity to cultural differences

  • Participates in own performance assessment and identifies areas for professional and personal development; seeks opportunity for development through cross training in-service and continuing education. Accepts and acts on constructive feedback related to development

  • Demonstrates understanding and awareness of position responsibilities, accountability and authority

  • Actively supports positive change; identifies problems and seeks solutions in a constructive manner.

  • Demonstrates consistent and punctual attendance; conforms to work hours and schedule. Utilizes work time effectively and appropriately for hospital related business. Uses leave required system according to the hospital policy and procedures

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards the work area, hospital staff and patients; accepts assignments designated by the supervisor

  • Documentation is accurate and timely according to the policies and procedures

  •  Supports the mission and values of KKESH. Meets performance expectations described in this performance appraisal document. Follows the hospital policies and procedures including dress code, non-smoking policy, sick leave, etc.

Qualifications Required:

  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing; Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred

  • Master’s Degree in Nursing administration or other relevant specialist an asset

  • Current registered nursing license from country of professional practice

  • Management/Leadership ability essential and knowledge of JCI standards required

Experience Required:

  • A minimum of eight (8) years of progressive clinical and administrative nursing experience in Operating Room


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