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Case Manager

King Saud University Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Duties / Responsibilities:

Case Manager Role within Out-patient

  • Manages in a timely manner the elective admissions service for assigned area patients that scheduled for multiple admissions at designated intervals.

  • Works with the Social Work section and lor the PRO to ensure patient availability at an appropriate time for the prescribed treatment.

  • Maintains a record of all elective admissions & planned therapies, ensuring optimum bed utilization for the assigned area, SDCU (Surgical Day Care Unit), MDCU (Medical Day Care Unit).

  • Devises the planned therapy schedule through communication with the Consulting team and the relevant Departmental and Head Nurse for confirmation of the therapy plan.

  • Ensures Bed Coordinator will ensure the appropriate services are available for the patient's attendance in an appropriate time & communicates the plan with the patient & their family.

  • Ensures that Bed Coordinator will be responsible for Verbal & written communication should be provided to the patient (an appointment schedule card should devised for this purpose). Communicates with the patients prior to their intended attendance to ensure optimum bed utilization.

  • Maintains attendance records for the Elective (Planned) admissions, conduct and maintains monthly audits of the service, reflects the statistical effectiveness of the service.

  • Reviews the waiting list of the referral cases with the consultant of the area Intensive Care Unit I Ward to prioritize the cases and present the new cases seeking the ability to accept them, completes the cycle of acceptance.

  • Accountable for liaising with the Consulting teams on a daily basis & throughout the day to monitor I manage any admissions arising from the emergency Department or by admitting them to the short stay unit (if they match the criteria).

Case Manager Role within In-patient

  • Works closely with the Head Nurse of the allocated departments and the Bed Coordinator of the area to ensure optimum safe utilization of the available resources (beds).

  • Sorts-out the problem related to delayed procedure under any reason to expedite the process ref/ected back on effective discharge planning.

  • Prepares for discharge summary 24 hours ahead of discharge time and makes sure it is in place.

  • Meets with both the Head nurse & bed Coordinator of the allocated areas on daily basis to discuss the daily admission rate, plan of care and estimated length of stay for each patient

  • Conducts continue monitory to the deviation from the actual length of stay and estimated length of stay based on (ORG) diagnosis related disease.

  • Responsible for the allocation of any available beds within the units on a daily basis.

  • Determines potential discharge patient one day in advance, makes sure that (discharge prescription, discharge order) is in place to avoid discharge delay.

  • Arranges shifting the entire discharged patient to lounge discharge area as per KSUMC policy.

  • Makes rounds to monitor and collects the data about the patients, who has potential discharge through the daily physician round, charge nurse handover in each respective area and electronic medical system.

  • Discusses the identified long term cases how has been exceed one month hospitalization days with treating physician for the possibility of shifting the patient to long term facility like (private Hospital).

  • Ascertains if an alternative bed is available for the emergency patients admission.

  • Responds to referred cases from OPD, ER elective cases urgent admission that identified by Bed Coordinator.

  • Communicates with the admitting team & discuss the necessity of the patient's attendance to the ER department or alternatively the addition of the patient to the elective admission list.

  • Discusses each case with the admitting Consultant & determine the Grade. Each of these cases MUST be in direct connection with the diagnosis of the functionality of the unit ONLY.

  • Example of Suggested Admission Grading.Creates and maintains a database & statistics of all in-Patients within the service designated areas.

    • Urgent- Life Threatening & immediate admission & intervention required.

    • Semi-Urgent- Requires admission for medical intervention within 1 week.

    • Routine- Requires admission for investigations but non-life-threatening, when next available admission possible from admissions list.

    • Planned Therapy schedules- Planning of scheduled therapy administration related diseases I procedures ego MRI, CT, Trans esophageal echo, Endoscopy etc.

  • Generates monthly audits of admission rates, speciality, and acuity.

  • Writes an official delegation of all responsibilities and assignments prior to leave I vacation.

General Responsibilities:

  • Determine potential discharge patient one day in advance; make sure that everything e.g. (discharge prescription, discharge order) all in place, to avoid discharge delay.

  • Make departmental rounds to monitor & collect the data about the patients, who has potential discharge through the handover from the charge nurse in each respective area and electronic medical system.

  • Direct communication with the treating physician to determine the change in the management plan for the cancelled potential discharge DUE (post-operative complication, then refer the patient to co-morbidity, starting chemotherapy, any new procedure OR referral to anther facility like ID…etc.).

  • Update the LOS for the postponed discharge cases on EMS by the treating physician through adding extended length of stay.

  • Attend the morning physician round to highlighting discharge issue.

  • Review the referral cases and discuss the patient's need with the consultant to check the able to accept them, then complete the cycle of acceptance.

  • Sort-out the problem related to delayed procedure under any reason to expedite the process.

  • Ask for discharge summary 24 hours ahead of discharge time and make sure it is in place.

  • Direct communication with the head of the department (Chairman) is required when delay of discharge to patient occur due to late doctor rounds, delay in patient discharge summary preparedness.

  • Liaise with patient relation officer regarding difficulty to discharge, due to unavailability of relative or far distance from home.

  • Liaise with patient relation officer regarding patient refusal to discharge after confirming the discharge with treating physician.

  • Direct communication with treating physician if patient operation canceled due to any reason, to look for rescheduling the time of operation, or discuss the discharge of the case until operation time for the elective cases.

  • Do another round at 15:00 to make sure that the discharged cases already discharge & resolve the obstacles for discharge patient if present.

  • Case Manager can arrange a multidisciplinary meeting to discuss with the patient's relative, regarding his/her condition and management at home.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor's Degree In Nursing, Medical Applied Science or equivalent in one of the applied medical specialist.

  • Valid registration with board / license to work from country of origin

Experience Required:

  • Two (2) years work experience in a large hospital or health management organization (MOH) with demonstrated clinical or administrative skills.


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