Charge Midwife

Charge Midwife

  • Mayo Clinic -Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Responsible  for attend each birth and share the care throughout the pregnancy, labour, birth and after the birth for six weeks. They will offer education, counselling, advocacy and emotional support. Each midwife will take the time to build a relationship of trust and safety with each client.

Education / Qualifications Required:

  • BS Degree in Nursing or Equivalent from Accredited University obtained through personal attending study method (not distant learning or on-line study method)
  • OR Bachelor Degree in Midwifery Qualification


  • Minimum Four (4 years) of experience as Midwife in a mid- to large-sized acute-care/tertiary hospital setting, of which the past year must be in OB/Midwifery


  • Current and in good Standing Nursing License/Registration (RN) to practice in country of residence

Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Is accountable for utilizing the nursing process, appropriate tools, evidence-based knowledge, empathy and compassion in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing and midwifery care for individual patients, while considering the individuals holistic needs and in accordance with scope of practice, hospital policy and procedure.
  • Is responsible for conducting low risk births and in providing shared midwifery care in high-risk cases under the responsibility of the obstetrician.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills, including critical thinking, necessary to implement the nursing plan of care, nursing interventions and procedures, as necessary for the care of the individual patient taking into consideration the patient’s condition, culture and medical plan of care.
  • Monitors the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies.
  • Educates patients as well as their partners and family members on reproductive health, preparation for parenthood, and antenatal care.
  • Educates and advice patients on pain management techniques to prepare them for labor.
  • Delivers babies while providing emotional support and encouragement during labor for patient and partner.
  • Provides education, emotional support and advice for patients and their partners to cope with miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal deaths, or terminations.
  • Teaches new mothers how to feed their newborns.
  • Assisting patients in creating suitable birth plans.
  • Providing sound advice to patients regarding diets, exercises, and medications suitable for pregnancy.
  • Midwifery/Nursing care delivered is at the highest possible standard, is evidence informed and in accordance with legislation and common Saudi law as it applies.
  • Effectively and efficiently manages the midwifery/nursing care of individuals or groups of patients.
  • Advocates for patient by guiding best practice and standards of care within multidisciplinary team.
  • Responds to clinical changes in patients’ conditions and escalates care in accordance with Hospital Policy and Procedures, reports any deterioration in patient’s condition to physician, escalating via chain of command as necessary.
  • Works towards reducing length of stay by advocating commencing discharge planning on admission.
  • Is an advocate for patient safety, minimizes patient risk by ensuring a safe environment and conditions.
  • Follows all policies and procedures, reporting observed or perceived risks in a timely fashion
  • Suggests opportunities for improvement in care and in care environment.
  • Uses transcultural awareness during all interactions with patients, families and colleagues.
  • Works effectively with Multidisciplinary team towards safe, effective and efficient patient outcomes.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality according to policy.
  • Ensures appropriate delegation of any duties when necessary.
  • Takes appropriate action in emergencies.
  • Documents all care accurately, completely and in a timely fashion.
  • Demonstrates the computer skills necessary for carrying out duties.
  • Collaborates with the interdisciplinary health care team to provide comprehensive midwifery/nursing care.
  • Adheres to all aspects of confidentiality in regards to patients, staff and personnel.
  • Demonstrated understanding and response to Hospital emergency codes
  • Participates in accordance with hospital mission and vision.


  • Utilizes leadership skills as nurse in charge of shift.
  • Provides effective and timely direction and supervision to ensure that delegated care is provided accurately and safely.
  • Communicates effectively to ensure patient safety.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and follows all hospital related policies and procedures
  • Reports potential or observed safety hazards immediately to supervisor, removes hazard or provides solution when possible.
  • Reports any work-related risks such as equipment failures or resource insufficiencies to supervisor immediately.
  • Uses communication and conflict negotiation skills to prevent and resolve complaints, reports through the chain of command as per hospital policy and procedure.
  • Contributes to improving quality outcomes including patient and staff satisfaction indicators.
  • Utilises multidisciplinary team to ensure optimal patient experience.
  • Exercises care in utilising resources to maintain a cost-efficient service.
  • Actively participates in unit-based meetings and councils.
  • Supports a just culture, speaks up and promotes civility in the workplace.
  • Is responsible for the safe and effective handling of all equipment about the safety of self and others
  • Works professionally in accordance with the Hospital Code of Conduct
  • Reviews and provides feedback on the relevance of organizational policies and professional standards procedures to practice.


  • Recognizes own abilities and level of professional competence whilst enhancing the professional development of others.
  • Actively facilitates the experience and learning of students undertaking clinical placement.
  • Applies all principles of health literacy in the provision of patient education to ensure that patients have the right information, to make informed decisions relating to their care and to adapt a problem-solving approach to managing and reporting complications.
  • Provides health promotion and disease prevention advice.
  • Participates in own and others education, training and professional development as needed.
  • Shares appropriate, relevant, and up to date information and knowledge with colleagues.


  • Uses professional standards to promote best practice and acts as a role model for other nurses and members of the health care team.
  • Participates in and promotes the value of research that contributes to the development of evidence-based nursing / midwifery practice and improved standards of care.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement that are evidence based.
  • Maintains and shares up to date knowledge related to evidence-based practice.
  • Is involved in relevant projects related to practice, improvement, and safety.
  • Is actively involved in unit journal club.


  • Respects patients and their families and promotes a patient-centered care culture.
  • Participates and supports quality improvement and patient safety activities as an individual or as part of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.