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Child and Adolescent Psychologist (Masters)

Sidra Medicine
Doha, Qatar

Education Required:

  • Masters in clinical psychology (specializing in child / young adult psychology)

  • Current License in country of origin as a Psychologist

  • Eligible for license in State of Qatar

  • Arabic speakers preferred 

    Experience Required:

    • 5+ years’ experience as a practicing clinical psychologist, inclusive of 2+ years in the area of child / young adult psychology

    Job Duties/Responsibilities:

    • Evaluates the seriousness of issues and makes decisions regarding the most effective and suitable treatment options

    •  Provides specialist psychological assessments and diagnosis for patients referred to the team based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex psychological data from a variety of sources including psychological and neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect structured observations and semi-structured interviews with clients, family members and others involved in the client’s care

    • Provides clinical formulations and comprehensive written reports regarding assessments completed or tests administered

    •  Provides specialized clinical psychological input to the families, including assessment results and proposed psychological interventions for psychological, behavioral and learning challenges

    •  Formulates and implements plans for the formal psychological treatment and/or management of a child’s psychological problems, based upon an appropriate conceptual framework of the problems, and employing methods of proven efficacy, across the full range of care settings

    •  Implements a range of psychological interventions, adjusting and refining psychological formulations drawing upon different explanatory models and maintaining a number of provisional hypotheses

    •  Evaluates and makes decisions about treatment options taking into account both theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors concerning historical and developmental processes that have shaped the individual

    •  Reviews relevant school and/or other medical records to understand cases better.

    •  Provides specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other professionals contributing directly to patient’s formulation, diagnosis and treatment plan

    •  Undertakes risk assessment and risk management for individual patients and provides general advice to other professionals on psychological aspects of risk assessment and management

    •  Keeps abreast with current literature, talks with colleagues, and participates in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in neuropsychology

    •  Provides group therapy for children and families, in both inpatient and outpatient settings as needed. Makes sure that patient participation and input is integrated with the overall treatment plan

    •  Maintains confidentiality with regards to information


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