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Clinical Pharmacy Consultant

King Faisal Specialist Hospital - Madinah King Faisal Specialist Hospital - Madinah
Madinah , Saudi Arabia


The Pharmacy Consultant serves as a pharmaceutical caregiver by efficiently designing, recommending, activating, monitoring, and evaluating patient-specific pharmacotherapy to ensure optimal outcomes. Ensures implementation of the pharmaceutical care plan by assuring the accurate and timely distribution of medications to patients Maintains liaison relations with medical and nursing staff. Plays a fundamental role in the development of clinical pharmacy practice through establishment of new policy and procedure, specialized service, and conducting clinical research

Education / Qualification Required:

  • Pharma Degree, Master's of clinical pharmacy from an credited institution from North America, Western Europe, New Zealand or Australia  
  • Minimum 5 publications in peer-review prime pharmacy journal 
  • Board of pharmacy specialist (BPS)


  • General Pharmacy Practice Residency and 1 year Specialty Residency Accreditted by ASHP or  10 years of clincial experience in a hospital setting after completion of the last education program  for candidates without residency training  for those with General Pharmacy Practice Residency Training, 8 years clinical experience is required. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides in-depth pharmaceutical care to an adult or pediatric service by participating in patient care rounds with medical team, maintain outstanding skills as a clinical pharmacy practitioner and
  • consistently demonstrates the value of pharmacy services within the integrated  pharmacy model.
  • Assists medical staff with the selection of drug therapy and patient monitoring.
  • Reviews and interprets medication orders for clarity. accuracy, rationality, compatibility, feasibility, and suitability for the patient's specific needs.
  • Assumes responsibility for patient-specific pharmacotherapy plan to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Develops, implements and maintains appropriate policies and procedures in the Pharmacy Services Division relevant to clinical practice.
  • Conducts daily systematic medication reviews for patients in other floors, other than the floor covered by the clinical pharmacy consultant, whenever assigned.
  • Develops and evaluates therapeutic protocols.
  • Participates in committees relevant to areas of service.
  • Enters and processes medication orders whenever scheduled to do so by the Head of assigned section or whenever the need arises.
  • Determines workload priorities, verifies medication orders, checks the final product for accuracy. and assures timely delivery of the medications to the patient care area
  • Acts as drug information and education resource for patients, students, colleagues, medical and nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Documents therapeutic recommendations in the patient's medical record and pharmacy intervention forms.
  • Conducts Medication Utilization Evaluation (MUE) projects.
  • Provides real-time collaboration with nurses to create cost-effective medication care plans; focusing on medication misadventure prevention.
  • Detects, analyzes, and reports adverse drug reactions. Approved
  • Assures adherence to the departmental policies and procedures and provides monthly reports on
  • clinical activities and other relevant workload statistics.
  • Participates in the departmental performance improvement, educational, and other clinical activities.
  • Contributes to positive outcomes and meeting the cultural expectations of the organization by exhibiting professional behavior and expertise.
  • Leads teams for clinical projects and departmental initiatives, demonstrating cost saving research Significant P& T involvement as an active member, coordinator or chair of subcommittee.
  • Participates in self and others education, training, and development as applicable.
  • Follows all related General Organization's policies and procedures.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


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