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Consultant - Anesthesiologist (Transplant and Cancer)

Ranked #1 in the Region Tertiary Acute Care Facility - Riyadh
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Qualifications Required:

  • Graduation from accredited medical school

  • Board Certification from country of origin

  • License to practice

Experience Required:

  • Seven (7) years of training in specialist or sub-specialty plus post-training experience required

Responsibilities / Duties:

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Provides required patient care and management in the field of Anesthesiology in accordance with standards of medical care laid down by KFSH&RC

  • Assumes responsibility for patient under his or her care. Liaises with various support service departments and medical specializations to provide appropriate and timely medical care, in accordance with the standards laid down by KFSH&RC

  • Complies with all hospital standards and policies pertaining to acceptance, eligibility, admission processes, consultant ion, daily patient care operating room, outpatient practices and patient discharges

  • Ensures appropriate patient preparation for procedures and surgery and performs procedures as indicated in the signed clinical privilege form

  • Provides high quality anesthesia care to patients and manages the medical care of patients before, during and after surgery

  • Discusses the anesthetic plan, as well as alternatives, risks and benefits of the chosen anesthetic techniques with the patient prior to surgery. (This can be difficult or impossible in some situations, such as unconscious or confused patients, or urgent cases where this can be done with a patient’s relative or carer).

  • Performs a preoperative medical evaluation of each patient before surgery, consults and plans the surgery with the surgical team and creates a plan for the anesthesia tailored to each individual patient

  • Provides airway management, intra-operative life support, pain control, intra-operative diagnostic stabilizing and prepares patients for emergency surgery

  • Provides coverage in the operating rooms, clinics and outlying anesthetic areas independently. As preoperative physicians, anesthesiologists also work in PACUS, Pain Clinics and ambulatory surgical centers

  • Participates in Liver Transplantation, Hospital Code, and other patient related programs of the Hospital

  • Attends pre-anesthesia clinics, pain clinic, outpatient clinics, special procedures such as insertion of central line, epidural catheter, treatment areas and shares on-call schedule as per requirements

  • Performs any other clinical responsibility as assigned

Academic Responsibilities

  • Directs and advises junior staff on patient management, specialist in the field of Anesthesiology

  • Guides and actively participates in the training and teaching or Residents, Fellows, Assistant Consultants and junior staff.

  • Keeps abreast with all the latest techniques and developments, especially in field of Anesthesiology, following and implementing them on a selective basis to improve technical standards

  • Actively participates in the educational activities and training programs of the department

  • Participates in national and international medical conferences

Research Responsibilities

  • Participates in clinical, basic and translation research projects and publishes papers in accordance with Research Advisory Council Policy in order to advance knowledge, improve the quality of post graduate education and contribute to the national and international recognition of KFSH&RC

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Undertakes the administrative duties assigned by Head of Section of Chair of the department

  • Participates in all mandatory departmental activities and serves on departmental and hospital committees, as required

  • Assists the department in the development and implementation of techniques and practices that help maximize the utilization of all resources within the department and across the hospital

  • Abides by the current hospital and medical staff bylaws, all relevant rules, regulations and policies and keeps updated of any changes that might occur

  • Performs any other related duties as assigned.


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