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Consultant - Pediatric Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Education/Qualifications Required: 

  • Basic Medical Degree from recognized / accredited institution

  • Doctorate degree in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation/Pediatrics/Spinal cord injury/Sports medicine/Traumatic brain injury

  • One or more years of specialty training in a recognized program (Internship / fellowship etc.)

  • Certification by the appropriate specialty board or its equivalents (e.g. Arab board, American board, Canadian board) 

  • Must hold a valid license from country of origin

Experience Required:

  • Training & post certification experience equal to or greater than 7 years in a secondary or tertiary care facility or 3 years minimum experience in sub-specialty area

  • Independent practice in the sub-specialty

  • Experience working with pediatric patients



  • Performing the professional duties of a Sub-specialist in accordance with the delineation of the scope of care and privileges as recommended by the Chief of department and approved by the Credentials Committee. 

  • Performing his/her duties in the outpatient clinic according to CPP of KFMC OPD. 

  • Providing consultation services to the in and outpatient services in his/her area of expertise. 


  • Participating in general undergraduate and post-graduate teaching within the KFMC hospitals and Faculty of Medicine. 

  • Providing a regular teaching for the assistants and junior doctors attached to the unit.

    • Supporting the Clinical Nurse Specialist as appropriate and other key non-medical clinical educational support to fellow professionals.


  • Having the minimal requirements and knowledge to plan and undergo publications. 

  • Participating actively in all research activities in his/her division and department. Working to have appropriate scientific publications. 

Clinical Audit:

  • Contributing to local audits to ensure appropriate up-to-date care is delivered and working constructively to improve quality of care, a minimum of 1 audit a year is required for appraisal. 

Infection Control:

  • Contributing to the prevention and controlling of infection through standard infection control practices and compliance with the KFMC infection control policies in order to ensure the highest quality of care to patients. 

CPD (Continuing Professional Development):

  • Taking advantage of continuing professional developing events taking place both in and out KFMC. 


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To apply for this position, please complete the form below. As per our agreement with hospitals we recruit for, we can only work with candidates who obtained their qualifications and experience from: US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

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