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Coronary Care Unit Nurse Manager

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital
Madinah , Saudi Arabia

Education / Qualifications Required:

  • BS Degree in Nursing
  • Associate Degree/Diploma in Nursing 


  • Minimum Four (4)  years of  clinical experience in Coronary ICU if holding BS Degree
  • Minimum Six (6) years of  clinical experience in Coronary ICU if holding Associate Degree/Diploma in Nursing


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country or practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical Practice:

  • Ensures patient care activities are within established hospital, divisional and unit specific guidelines, policies and procedures, standards and protocols, etc

  • Facilitates care provided and assesses staff by maintaining high visibility (80% clinical presence) to patients/families and staff on area(s)

  • Provides leadership and a resource role in the provision of patient care and other unit activities

  • Demonstrates effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patients/families, other health care team members and members of other departments


  • Staff Management to include recruitment, education, training, evaluation and development, as well as preparation and delegation of work schedules and workflow

  • Maintains an open door communication policy for unit staff

  • Reviews, plans, manages and monitors the unit budget

  • Participates in Committees and workgroups as required

  • Develops and implements unit level strategic plan in line with Nursing Services strategic plans

  • Develops, modifies and ensures implementation of Policies and Procedures in the area assigned

  • Plans, organizes, directs and evaluates the delivery of patient care and unit/clinic operational management functions

  • Conducts staff meetings and maintains minutes

  • Maintains all records pertaining to the operation of the area of assignment and generates reports as required

Education & Research:

  • Assesses, develops and then monitors the effectiveness of standards of care and nursing unit policies and procedures

  • Assumes responsibility for own professional growth

  • Participates in teaching and mentoring of Nursing, Medical and Paramedical students, Interns and Residents


  • Anticipates and acts to maintain a safe environment

  • Work with all healthcare team members in activities designed for the improvement of patient care outcomes

  • Develops, implements and participates in Quality improvement processes and activities

  • Compiles with hospital infection control and safety protocols


  • Serves as a professional role model, teacher and resources person

  • Develops and utilizes professional collegial networking

  • Demonstrates respect, compassion and cultural sensitivity to patients/families, other hospital employees, students and faculty

  • Advocates for excellence in patient care

  • Assumes responsibility for own decisions and actions

  • Demonstrates initiative in the performance of duties


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