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CSSD Technician

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar



  • Supervise the arrangements of Supplies and equipment in the CSSD as directed by Supervisor

  • Supervise personnel assigned to the various subsections.

  • Direct the work of personnel assigned and ensure that supplies and equipment to be sterilized are properly cleaned and prepared in packs as necessary.

  • Understands and utilizes computers for generating data and requisitioning goods.

  • Perform area cleaning by sanitizing workstation at the end of each shift.

  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as requested.

  • Maintain detailed lists of various trays and their components.

  • Requests instruments and repairs to insure routine instrument trays are maintained at all times

  • Responsible for the operational activities of CSSD throughout the particular shift to which assigned.

  • Receives and resends all surgical instruments trays/sets and reports about missing and damaged instruments to the supervisors.

  • Lifting, standing, pushing, pulling heavy instruments and case cart


  • Follows Universal Precautions by wearing the appropriate protective attire while working in the Decontamination area.

  • Decontaminate surgical instruments and other medical equipment as needed by keeping a continuous flow of moving thru the process.

  • Utilize appropriate cleaning detergents and agents by reading directions and MSDS sheets

  • Follow manufacturer instructions when dealing with reusable equipment i.e. power equipment, delicate and complex items.


  • Inspects all instruments for cleanliness, proper function, and breakage by viewing the instruments before assembly.

  • Assemble surgical trays and equipment following established tray listings.

  • Wraps or pouches items according to size and type of instruments or equipment following established protocols.


  • Challenge the sterilization process by using internal, external Chemical Indicator & Biological Indicators monitoring systems appropriately

  • Monitor, read, document and interpret all parameters for steam sterilizer to ensure proper function

  • Sterilize instruments and surgical trays by following prescribed policies and procedures

  • Process and produce sterile items according to standard

Sterile Store/Dispatching:

  • Distributes all sterile and non-sterile supplies and medical equipments upon request or case cart requisition.

  • Picks Surgical Case Carts by following established Surgeons Preference Cards or Procedural Pick list/requisition.

Education/Qualifications Required:

Minimum Education: 10 years of General Education plus successful completion of 6 months CSSD Certified course from recognized institute. OR Operating Theatre Technician with 3 months direct supervision upon placement in CSSD. OR Equivalent.

Licensure from accreditation body in country of origin

Required Experience:

2 years of CSSD/Surgical Operating Theatre experience.

Language Skills:

English Intermediate, Arabic Basic


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