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Director, Health Information Management

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar


  • Directs and manages the activities pertinent to Health Information Management systems and the standard functions performed by the Health Information Management staff at Hamad Medical Corporation.

  • Provides robust management practices and develops and oversees processes in the Health Information Management department in order to attain HMC strategic goals and to meet the standards set by the designated accrediting bodies regarding all Medical Record and Health Information Management services.

  • Actively participates in various committees such as, but not limited to, the Medical Records Committee, the Medical Records Review Committee, Management of Communication and Information Committee, Forms Committee directly responsible for the quality of medical records and its services.

  • Oversees the design and direction of patient information systems assuring that data collected is accurate and useful.

  • Sets objectives for the department in order to assure quality of existing services is maintained and future growth continued.

  • Serves as a Liaison to other bodies within the Supreme Council for Health (i.e. Preventive Medicine, Primary Health Care, etc.) to review and recommend practices related to health information management functions.

  • Responsible for enhancing the quality, accuracy and completeness of Health Information Management functions through improved sources of information, engaging clinicians, executive teams and relevant departments, such as HIS and finance.

  • Conducts orientation program on medical records for clinical and non-clinical staff who are newly appointed.

  • Plan and develop service improvement initiatives for the modernization of the health information department to achieve performance standards.

  • Plans and implement programs to train staff and foster continuing education in conjunction with their abilities and interests.

  • Administers personnel policies in accordance with the HMC’s policies and procedures.

  • Recruit appropriately qualified and skilled personnel to achieve the organisations information objectives

  • Develop and maintain the annual operating and capital budgets for Health Information Management department.

  • Develops departmental services through ongoing planning which is consistent with the organization's mission, vision and values as well as the organizational objectives outlined in the strategic plan; establishes, coordinates, and communicates departmental objectives and goals as well as organizational goals

  • Monitors productivity and quality standards according to department and organizational guidelines and monitors staff adherence to these standards on a routine basis

  • Participates in the monitoring, evaluating, educating and improving the quality of health information and identifies problems, tracks trends, and initiates actions to improve performance towards achieving departmental standards.

  • Participate as an integral and active member in the strategic planning process of the healthcare enterprise and forecasts the healthcare system’s future technical and information needs

  • Develop, coordinate, guide and maintain health information management systems strategic and operational plans in support of the overall clinic/patient – focused mission and business strategy. These plans define a vision for meeting current and future information needs.

  • To achieve the corporations targets for standards of accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of clinically coded data.

  • Lead the transition from ICD9 to ICD10 within their hospital facility.

  • Develop clinical documentation specialists-clinician interaction and demonstrate a high standard of clinical coding activity, to ensure that both clinicians and managers maintain a high level of confidence in the quality of the data.

  • Directs, supervises and evaluates work activities of Health Information management personnel

  • Line management responsibilities for the clinical documentation specialists to bridge the gap between the physician’s clinical language and the organizations documentation and coding requirements.

  • Responsibility for the day-to-day coordination of the team's activities in delivering high quality information and will be the point of contact for Clinical Coding and DRG performance data and Information production, and will be responsible for managing relations with information requesting departments

  • Organizes, interprets, and summarizes numerical data to provide usable information. Uses statistical software and other methods to gather, analyze and interpret research data.

  • Formats data to develop and prepare reports, charts, tables and other related document.

  • Develop and maintain an appropriate organizational structure capable of supporting the information needs of operating entities through appropriate and cost-effective information technology.

  • Responsible for the management of key reporting data sets. Responsible for data quality reporting, improvement, and submission of key data sets in accordance with corporation’s submission timeframes.

  • Participates in the development of HMC policies and procedures.

  • Maintain corporate Health Information Management policies and standards

  • Ensure that appropriate training programs for the corporation are in place to attract, retain and develop the key personnel required to support information services.

  • Directs the health information management portfolio for medical records storage and archiving, release of information, medical transcription, documentation management and clinical coding within their facility.

  • To achieve the corporations targets for standards of accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of documentation and health information.

  • Participates in the development of health information management policies and procedures on release of information, confidentiality, information security, information storage and retrieval, and record retention.

  • Documents and enforces the healthcare system’s health information management policies and procedures.

  • Provides education and training to the healthcare system’s employees in areas relevant to health information management policies and procedures.

  • Supports and facilitates clinical, administrative, and external data use functions.

  • Monitors changes in legislation and accreditation standards that affect health information management.

  • Serves as an internal consultant on health information management issues including release of information, confidentiality, information security, information storage and retrieval, and record retention as well as authorship and authentication of health record documentation, standardization of medical vocabularies, and use of classification systems.

  • Performs and reports research on topics related to health information management.

Required Education/Qualifications:

Essential Education:

All Nationalities: Bachelor’s in Health Information Management or equivalent from internationally recognized institution. OR

All Nationalities: Bachelor’s degree with 15 years’ experience in HIM including experience in a senior managerial role OR

Preferred Education:

Master’s Degree in Medical Records, Health Information Management, Medical Records Technology or internally-recognized equivalent

Computer Skills: Strong MS Office skills including MS_Word and MS_Excel are required. Clinical documentation systems experience is a plus.

Required Certification: Professional Certification is preferred (from the home country’s medical records association/organization)

Language Skills: English Language: Essential, Arabic Language: Preferred

Required Experience:

10+ Years in Health Information Management

Preferred Experience:

10+ Years in Health Information Management with a strong background in coding, reimbursement, administrative/staff management, project management, and knowledge of information systems and healthcare applications/database applications


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