Director Experience Officer

Director Experience Officer

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This is a unique executive vacancy for a Director Experience Officer at one of the most prestigious Health Systems in one of the GCC Countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait).  The role requires to Directs, plans, coordinates and provides administrative support of the overall activities and functions of the Experience Office Division to achieve its mission, goals and objectives.


    • ALL Education MUST have been obtained from North America only (USA or Canada)
    • PhD or Master’s Degree in Hospital/ Healthcare/ Business Administration or other related discipline is required.


    • This Health System requires experience MUST have been obtained at one of the best 50 health systems in North America (Canada / USA)
    • Minimum Eight (8) years of a progressive related experience in a large hospital, healthcare institution, business corporation or related organization, including five (5) years in a managerial position with PHD or eleven (11) years with Master’s Degree is required.
    • Knowledge of patient Services is required
    • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) or other leadership certifies is preferred.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Develops, implements, monitors and updates the Division’s mission, goals, objectives, policies and other related documents.
    • Ensures development and execution of Experience Office Division’s long and short term plans in line with This Health System’s strategic objectives and all services follow the applicable Health System policies and procedures.
    • Plans and develops new concepts and programs in Experience Office Division through evaluation of current process and practices, with the international best practices, as required.
    • Ensures timely preparation of annual operating budget for all assigned services/functions and monitors and keeps expenditures with budget, as assigned.
    • Assigns work, establishes priorities, monitors performance and submission of periodical clear and concise administrative/ financial reports for all assigned services/functions in the Division.
    • Prepares and recommends the divisional plans and organizational changes related to Experience Office Division.
    • Oversees, monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery process, workload, administrative and support systems and internal reporting relationships. Identifies opportunities for improvement and provides recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as required.
    • Participates in selecting, recruiting, training, retaining and evaluating assigned personnel. Establishes and maintains a positive working environment and monitors the implementation of policies, correct deficiencies and implements discipline procedures, as required.
    • Solicits donations through Zakat and from charitable institutions. Ensures the provision of recreational activities for pediatric patients in inpatient wards. Ensure proper mortuary services and facilitate social services programs for volunteers.
    • Maintains collaborative and effective relationships with other key management personnel and keeps abreast of significant economic, social and technical trends and regulatory guidelines, which may influence assigned functions/services and/or This Health system.
    • Ensures adequate social services and psychological counselling are provided to patients and their families. Ensures the proper handling of patients and patient’s complaints. Directs the overall activities and assistance for patients  in obtaining support, financial or otherwise through the department funds or referral to external charitable institutions.
    • Plans and develops new concepts and programs in Experience Office Division through evaluation of current research and active involvement in scientific investigation.
    • Ensures adequacy, confidentiality, and secure patients information.
    • Chairs and/or serves as member of committees/task forces as assigned.
    • Directs the overall implementations of related safety procedures.
    • Follows all This
    • Health System’s related Policies and Procedures.
    • Participates in self and others’ education, training and development, as applicable.