Medical Dosimetrist Radiotherapy

Medical Dosimetrist Radiotherapy

  • Mayo Clinic - Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


The Medical Dosimetrist strives to develop and produce radiation oncology treatment plans per physician prescription. A Medical Dosimetrist works diligently with the Radiation Oncologist utilizing all available computerized and/or manual treatment planning tools, and researches patients’ needs and develops the best treatment plans for the their patients. Medical Dosimetrists perform all related radiation dosimetry functions that include treatment consultation and imaging. Medical Dosimetrists perform all related radiation dosimetry functions that include but are not limited to treatment consultation, imaging, fusions, contouring, three dimensional planning, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, proton planning and emergency treatment planning

Education / Qualification Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics or Medical Physics required
  • CMD certification by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board or equivalent required

Experience Post Post-Qualifications:

  • Minimum two (2) years of current experience as a Dosimetrist after earning Certification
  • Knowledge of simulation processes, treatment planning paradigms such as forward planning and IMRT planning, brachytherapy planning, in-vivo dosimetry measurements, and verify and record systems.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meets with Manager of Radiotherapy as needed to strategically plan and assess problems or issues regarding operations, personnel, and disciplinary problems and questions
  • Participates in monthly Dosimetry meetings
  • Interacts, communicates, and collaborates with team members in order to maximize group effectiveness. Functions as a resource for dealing with a multitude of technical questions including clinical patient treatment issues, treatment planning policy and physician related questions. Involving the Manager as needed.
  • Efficiently help identify and analyze problems, recommend solutions, and seek assistance when needed. Is cognizant of the impact decisions have on others
  • Provides consultations to radiation therapy technologists , physicians, and physicists with regard to patient set-up, simulation, target data acquisition (CT, MR, ultrasound), and treatment
  • Acts as a resource for questions involving construction of lead blocks used for irregular planning and for blocking radiation exposure to normal tissue and radiosensitive structures. Also responsible for answering questions relating blocking to treatment plans
  • Consults with physicians, radiation therapy technologists, and physicists in preparation and implementation of new treatment techniques
  • Aids radiation therapy technologists in consideration of proper blocked field sizes for monitor unit calculations when needed. Assists with the coordination and implementation in the utilization of all accelerator accessories and capabilities, i.e. independent jaw, multi-leaf collimator, collimator rotations, couch/gantry angles, etc.
  • Efficiently operates treatment planning computers, interfacing with treatment (MLC) and verification software to produce highly accurate patient treatment plans as per physician written directive. Consults as necessary with Physics to ensure accuracy and efficiency of plans. Troubleshoots discrepancies in patient setup or equipment
  • Confirms patient identity, maintains patient confidentiality. Provides patient instruction, education, and care by assessing patient’s individual needs
  • As per physician prescription, obtains accurate external contours, inputting accurate internal structures into contour utilizing a thorough understanding of human anatomy. Enters data into treatment planning computers, formulates correct and acceptable treatment plans under the direction of the physician. Makes recommendations, offers suggestions to physicians in the delivery of treatment. In appropriate situations will design and fabricate bolus and/or tissue compensation devices to achieve optimum dose delivery to the patient
  • Responsible for the accuracy of ones treatment plan. Shares responsibility with all other members of the team to ensure accuracy and compliance with written prescription of all treatment plans in a review process checked by another Dosimetrist or Physicist.
  • Calculates dose reaching varying depths within patients by obtaining measurements of specific anatomic sites and entering data into the treatment planning computer to obtain irregular field dosimetry. Assures accuracy and compliance to written prescription.
  • Serves as an advisor to the Manager regarding equipment evaluations and recommendations
  • Obtains CT / MR scans for treatment planning purposes with the assistance of the Radiology Technologists. Properly positions patient. Correctly positions reference markers and obtains necessary scan slices. Consults with the diagnostic radiologist for best scan visualization.
  • Assists and aids radiation therapy technologists, and or mould room staff with any and all tasks under the direction of the coordinator in times of high absence or unusual circumstances. Aids simulator radiation therapy technologists with the construction of patient immobilization accessories. Consults with engineering for equipment design and fabrication
  • Provides support for RT-50 treatments. Ensures procedure room is stocked and sets up before procedure. Calculates timer set for treatment delivery. Operates the unit. Maintains patient records
  • Provides support for intra-operative radiation therapy in the surgical suite. Consults with the physician regarding treatment optimization. Correctly calculates monitor units for dose delivery, helps Physician dock the patient, operates the accelerator, and maintains patient records.