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Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar


  • Participation in Epidemiologic Investigations:

Participates in developing epidemiologic investigations. Uses established scientific and technical methods and practices to identify and evaluate a wide range of health conditions within an assigned program area, to recognize public health problems pertinent to the population, and to determine feasibility of and approach to epidemiologic investigations. Participates in conducting outbreak and other epidemiologic investigations by assisting with onsite review of facilities and procedures; interviewing patients, health-care providers, and others involved; and assisting in collecting data from the healthcare system and other local agencies and health entities. Performs analyses by using statistical techniques commonly employed in epidemiologic evaluations to interpret and analyze observed health phenomena. Uses databases for analysis of health problems. Uses surveillance systems to collect disease or health outcome data. Generates descriptive analyses of surveillance data for a variety of audiences.

  • Participation in Surveillance Activities:

Identifies surveillance data needs, implements new or revises existing surveillance systems, reports key findings from the surveillance system, and supports evaluation of surveillance systems.

  • Consultation on Scientific and Technical Issues:

Provides scientific advice and technical assistance to various public, private, and nonprofit health and health-related state and local agencies and organizations. Advice and assistance relates to epidemiologic expertise in assigned programs or issues where type of resources provided and impact on communities are established and where assistance requires the application of established scientific and technical methods and practices. May also serve as a scientific consultant for a public health program or project where technical and other characteristics pose previously encountered difficulties in carrying out the program.

  • Presentation, Publication, and Dissemination of Data and Epidemiologic Findings:

Conducts literature reviews and assists in preparing reports from analyses of surveillance data, literature reviews, and other information using behavioral science, demographic and epidemiologic analytic techniques, and evaluation. Follows direction from senior scientists and integrates other perspectives. Makes oral presentations to diverse audiences, both scientific and nonscientific. Prepares responses to requests for information.

Required Education/Qualifications:

Essential Education: Bachelors or Masters degree in Public Health or a medical degree (MD), or nursing degree, or an equivalent degree in health science with a focus on epidemiology or analysis and assessment.

Language Skills: English; Arabic preferred.

Computer Skills: Windows, MS Office and databases and Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

Required Experience:

6 years in public health or healthcare out of which 3 years in epidemiology or medical statistics


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